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Things That Make Me Happy…

March 10, 2007

>I have been saying “That makes me happy” a lot lately, so I thought I’d share the things that really make me smile.

Starbucks makes me happy.
Actually, any good cup of coffee makes me happy.
Naps make me happy.
Mornings make me happy.
Canton makes me happy.
Being in love with Trey makes me happy.
God’s grace makes me happy.
My family makes me happy.
Vegas makes me happy.
Actually, traveling anywhere far away makes me happy.
Grey’s Anatomy (when it’s new!) makes me happy.
My kids at school make me happy.
My fun friends make me happy.
The holidays make me happy.
Going for a run…the feeling afterwards, not during, makes me happy.
Boots the dog makes me happy.
Busting out an old song in the car (the last one was Glory of Love) makes me happy.
Finding the new InStyle in my mailbox makes me happy.
Spring Break makes me happy.

I’m sure there are tons more, but these are the ones I have come up with recently. So, when I’m a little down or out, I will come to this post and realize the many wonderful things in my life that make me smile.

What about you? What makes you happy? Comment below!

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