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Shout out to my dad…

May 17, 2007

> My dad…what can I say? I have so much love for him, I can’t begin to tell about all of the reasons why he is so wonderful. Anyone who knows him will tell you he is a special person. He is a one of a kind, quiet soul who has never met a stranger. He can talk to anyone about anything, and he always makes you feel comfortable. He is a Godly man, filled with love for those around him, especially for his family. My dad has always been there, through everything, and has always kept our family strong. He loves his girls more than anything and would do anything for us. I am thankful for all of the memories of him and how much he took care of us through the years. When I was young, he was our provider. He worked three jobs to be able to give us the kind of childhood others will never know. The childhood memories I have with my dad are ones I will cherish forever. Now that I’m grown, he has become my friend. He comforts me with his love and encourages me with his words. He teaches me to hope and hold on to my dreams. I am blessed to know him and to be his daughter. I hope and pray that someday I will have a son just like him, so that I can always be reminded of my father’s unselfish attitude, gentle heart, and unfailing love. Thank you daddy for being the most wonderful dad around.

Oh, and… Happy Birthday!

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