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Happy Summer!

May 24, 2007

>Well today was it, and it started off crazy! I walked into a dark school only to realize that we had no power. This was definitely going to be a “last day of school” to remember! Thankfully, the power came on around 8:30 AM so I only had to try teaching–yea right, teach? on the last day of school?? anyway— I only had to try teaching first graders in the pitch black for forty-five minutes.

This class was my favorite! I know I’m not supposed to say that, but it’s just the truth. They are all so sweet, cute and smart! I am blessed to have had each one of them this year, and this will definitely be a class I will always remember.

Now… off to a relaxing summer!! No, we’re not going anywhere this summer, we vacationed in Hawaii last summer and Vegas in January so our vacation budget is non-existent! But, I am ready for some relaxation and some definite “all-about-me” time.

So… to all of those teachers out there… we worked our tails off for 176 days and we deserve this break! Happy Summer!

(I’ll post a pic of my class soon!)

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