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Summer of No Vacations…

June 28, 2007

>Well, I know I shouldn’t complain, but here I go. We are stuck in Texas all summer. Not that I don’t love Texas, because I do, but seriously, summers are for vacations, right? I know, I know, every time I start to complain about not going anywhere, I get this look from Trey that says it all. I can hear him now “Sherry, seriously, we went to Hawaii last July, I went to Pebble in October (and bought you a Coach purse because you didn’t go), Vegas in January with the Thomases…so basically our vacation budget is non existent… and if you want to go to Hawaii again, we have to save, save, save.” I know Trey, but I still miss the feeling of getting ready for a fun summer vacation. Isn’t it fun to figure out where you’re going, what to wear, etc? I really get in to all of it… so, here’s an ode to our favorite vacations over the years…it will help me remember those great times and hopefully get me in the mindset to “save, save, save” so that we can re-visit some of these places (or go somewhere new!) in the future.

Us on our Honeymoon in Vegas…we look like kids!

Here’s us visiting the Chrons in NYC…

At beautiful Lake Tahoe with my parents…

Our favorite little breakfast spot in Kihei, Maui.
Trey living his dream playing golf in Pebble Beach.

Our most recent trip to Vegas to celebrate Jenn’s B-day!

So, if you’re going somewhere great, don’t rub it in. We’ll be here in Texas either sweating like pigs or drowning in all of this rain. I have yet to put on a swimsuit. Now THAT is something to complain about.

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