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The 4th and a Weekend Get-away

July 9, 2007

>Whew! What a busy week we had! First we hosted the Clemens’ 1st annual 4th of July party! We were sick of not having anything fun to do on the Fourth. Believe me, we’ve tried everything… don’t even get me started on all of the horrible events we’ve been to over the last five years… obviously not one of our past celebrations turned out to be a tradition. What’s the 4th without something fun to do that you look forward to every year? So, we are taking it upon ourselves to now have something that (hopefully!) everyone looks forward to each year. This year we had a Hand and Foot tournament. It is our favorite card game and it turned out to be a lot of fun for everyone. Way to go Ems for your first tournament championship ever. You rock! We have the nicest and coolest friends, and we are happy we had the chance to hang out with all of them in one evening! Thanks guys!

Here’s the champ Emily with Trey (he was only her partner for the last round so he was not the other champion.)

The next morning, we headed to Hot Springs, AR with Trey’s dad and his wife. We had a blast! We stayed in a lake-side condo just outside the city. While they all went golfing, I spent my days on the patio reading and sleeping. It was the most fun! We ate at great restaurants and even played miniature golf one night (and, by the way, I got not one, not two, but THREE holes-in-one! I am the miniature golf champion.) So, although I wouldn’t call it a “vacation”, Trey and I did get to get away for the weekend to somewhere other than rainy Texas…although I heard that while we were gone, Summer finally arrived. Now that it’s here, it’s sure to stay and bring that 100 degree weather we’ve all been looking forward to. :-)

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