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The Killers

February 8, 2009

>Last Wednesday, Trey and I went to The Killers concert at Nokia. It was the best concert either of us have ever been to! If you don’t know The Killers, you should get to know them. Most of you know one of their most popular hits “Mr. Brightside” (for the girls, this is the one that Cameron Diaz jams out to in the movie The Holiday). Trey wants me to share that he thinks it is ridiculous if that is the only way you have heard of them but he’ll forgive you if you’ll check them out on iTunes. We just got their new CD for Christmas and it is one of those that you can play the whole thing through and love every song. But, even better than listening to their new CD is listening to it live! I have never had more fun at a concert. So, here are some of our favorite pics:

This is our second time driving by the sign heading to the concert (long story).



(a line in a song from their first CD…also the same line that both U2 and Coldplay incorporated into their concerts when The Killers were in the audience…thanks to Trey for that random knowledge)

We love concerts. We had tickets to go see another favorite band, Coldplay, in November but then Trey’s work scheduled an “I-can’t-miss-it-for-a-concert” meeting in D.C. We were so bummed we didn’t get to go and have been talking about missing that concert since then. So today, Trey is driving and hears on the radio that Coldplay is coming back through Dallas this summer. He gets on his phone to find out when tickets are going on sale and sees the date of the concert…July 21st.- the day we fly out for our vacation. What are the odds? Hawaii will definitely beat Coldplay, but we are now convinced that we are destined to never see them live. A few other artists on the top of our “must see” list include U2, Lifehouse, John Mayer (again, but with actual seats), and Jason Mraz. We’ll keep you updated on who we see next!

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  1. February 9, 2009 10:06 pm

    >Sounds like you had a blast! What a fun date night!

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