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P90X….and Hawaii Here We Come!

March 11, 2009

>Trey and I started a workout program called P90X in January. It is a DVD workout program that is guaranteed to change your body in 90 days. If you don’t believe me, you should watch the infomercial on Spike or some other random channel- it’s called Beach Body or P90X- but once you turn it on you will be hooked! Those before and after pictures and success stories- they get me every time! I can watch it for hours and get all motivated that I will look like that in just 90 days!

Well, it’s day 70-something and we’re going strong! Other than taking a week off when we were deathly sick, we have been getting up at 5am and working out 6 days a week. So, do I look like that? Well… NO. I definitely look a little different, but the baby belly is still there and the postpartum rear end has stuck around too. Do you want to know why? Here are three reasons: cupcakes/birthday cake from Society Bakery, breakfast quesadillias from Chiloso, and FAST FOOD from anywhere. We always do this! We either eat good and don’t work out, or work out and eat horrible. Hello??? Isn’t there something wrong with that?? It’s like now that we’re working out we have an excuse to eat more crap.

So, although it’s day 70-something with P90X, it is day 3 of us working out and eating good. We realized this past weekend that it is 20 weeks until Hawaii, and we both have a goal to reach before then. We have made a commitment (on a post-it note stuck to our bathroom mirrors) to give up our worst eating habits for the next 20 weeks. We gave ourselves a few “cheats”, but overall we are motivated to seriously change some of the yucky stuff we have been putting in our bodies lately.

Anyway, back to P90X… if you’re looking for a new way to work out, here is my sales pitch. I love the DVDs because you can do it in your living room. All you need is weights, a yoga mat and block, and a pull up bar or bands. The best thing is the DVDs are in a rotation where you don’t do the same thing every day. I actually look forward (most days) to the workout! The yoga DVD is my favorite, but they are all fun (and really hard- I am still doing the modified version of pretty much every exercise). It has also been great for us as parents. Before Chloe, we would get up and go run together in the morning- now that’s not an option. This we can do while she’s sleeping in the morning or during her nap time on the weekends.

Wow, they should pay me to be on that infomercial! Sorry for the endorsement, I am just so thankful we found something that we’re actually sticking with for longer than a few weeks. Now, if we can just get the eating healthy thing down, we’ll be set!

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  1. March 11, 2009 8:40 pm

    >I heart Beach Body! I don’t have the P90X (yet), but another set. I’ll have to look into it! I do have to agree that home workout DVDs are about the best thing for parents! Good luck on your goals – I’m sure you’ll look smokin’ hot by Hawaii! =)

  2. March 11, 2009 9:33 pm

    >I’ve seen the infomercial on TV for it an it looks awesome! Jim got a copy of the DVD’s from a friend, but I haven’t tried it yet. I just go to the health club every day. If I commit to doing something at home, I won’t do it. But I do want to try it sometime. I have a friend that does it and has done it for years. She looks great, too! I’ve heard the plyometrics will kick your rear, though.

  3. March 12, 2009 8:11 am

    >Too fun! I have P90X that a friend let me borrow before I was pregnant; sadly, I can’t really do it right now, but I plan to try it out post-Kate. And, how exciting that you all are heading to Hawaii – can’t wait to hear the update. Our goal – Spring of 2010…we’ll miss our 5 yr anniversary b/c we’ll have a 5 mo old, but we’ll celebrate a little late…Hawaiian style! Let us know what you end up doing/staying, etc…

  4. March 12, 2009 11:52 am

    >wow… im sold! this can be my post baby number two workout!

  5. March 12, 2009 10:34 pm

    >You almost sold me. It is so funny that we are the first ones that got these videos and the only ones who have not yet started doing them. You are looking great, so that is pretty good motivation for me! Keep it up!

  6. March 14, 2009 12:53 am

    >Beach Body is awesome. I swear by “Beach Body: A Better Body Guaranteed.” Of course, you truly can’t tell by looking at me, but when I DO do it, it rocks my socks.

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