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Finale Week

May 19, 2009


Thanks, Katie, for the great post idea! **If you aren’t caught up on your DVR or you are watching the DVD versions, don’t be reading this, there are spoilers. Consider this your warning.


Seriously, I love this show. I have watched it since Season 3 and they just wrapped up Season 18 (that’s a lot of survivor, people). Anyway, this season was as memorable as ever, although it seems that as soon as it is over I can barely even remember who won. This season’s Survivor Tocantins (I have no idea where that is by the way) my favorite player won, which is always a bonus. JT is a southern charmer with a sweet heart, and I was so excited to see him win the million dollars. Least favorite player- “Coach”. What a liar! I could not stand watching him talk about his crazy, made up Amazon story and I doubt that the lie detector test is true. Are we the only people in America that still watch this show? Just curious if there are any survivor fans out there.

Grey’s Anatomy

Seriously, I love this show. What a cliff-hanger! Do you think both Izzy and George will die?? Surely not. I can’t imagine Seattle Grace without either of these two residents! Are Derek and Mer going to count that “ceremony” in the doctor’s lounge as the real thing? Surely not. They must have some sort of real wedding, or no McDreamy + Meredith fan will get true satisfaction. I can’t wait for September!

The Office

It was a great season finale and even included a surprise! I think you’re right, Katie. Pam must be preggo. And, I thought maybe there would be a little more hope with Michael and Holly. Maybe next season we’ll get to them. For now, I will stay blissfully happy that Pam and Jim are happy parents-to-be!

American Idol

KRIS has been my FAVE from the very beginning. Ok, maybe not the very beginning- Danny stole my heart with his great voice and emotional story, but by top 11 Kris had won me over. I think he will be a huge star- like John Mayer or something. He just has that “artistry” side to him. I dislike Adam (first in place of dislike I had hate five times, but that seemed a little harsh). I can barely stand to watch him- in fact, we fast forward through his story and most performances. I think he is fake and has a horrible, screechy voice. I just don’t get why so many love him. I apologize to all of you that do, but I am definitely not on that bandwagon. This is the first season since Daughtry that I have really loved one of the contestants. So, I will be punching Kris’ numbers tonight!


Seriously, I despise this show. I am definitely in a love/hate relationship with the writers. It is so good yet so frustrating! At the end of the show, we see that Juliet sets off the hydrogen bomb. THE HYDROGEN BOMB. Which means the CRASH NEVER HAPPENED. Right? Or did it happen because it is in the past? Or is the future (which would be the past) altered because the bomb destroyed the magnetic field? And most importantly, what about Kate and Jack? Do they know each other in this past-future-past? If the answer to that is no, or if they don’t end up together in the future-past-future, hours of my life are now wasted. Oh, and by the way, I have my own crazy theory about this whole thing. But I can’t tell you because: 1. It is too complicated and I am not good at explaining it and/or even remembering parts of my theory. 2. I will spoil the show for you if I’m right (which is highly likely) and you will be mad at me. 3. Trey makes fun of my theory so I’m sure you will, too.

What are we going to do without these shows? Oh, how about spending some time on the back porch eating and talking, playing cards with my husband, renting movies off of our “must see” movie list, and playing Frisbee in the backyard with Chloe and Boots… which are all much better that watching these shows. But, I will say when September (or early 2010 for Lost) comes, I’ll be ready!

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  1. May 20, 2009 8:57 am

    >I only really watch LOST and the Office, so those are the only two I have comments for.As for LOST, do we actually know that the bomb went off? We saw her hit it with a rock and then the show ended. I’m convinced that they are not able to change history or the future, so it remains true that “whatever happened, happened.”And as for the Office. I loved the finale and I agree that Pam must be pregnant. Either that, or she saved a lot of money on her car insurance :)

  2. May 20, 2009 9:29 am

    >I would totally love to here your crazy LOST theory!! :)

  3. May 21, 2009 1:55 am

    >Brad-I am totally assuming the bomb went off- it may not have. I just figured the flash of white light meant that it did. I am not convinced that they can’t change history or the future, only because of Daniel. He is like a genius and his theory was that it could be altered. We’ll see!

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