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Things I like right now

June 20, 2009

Mexican Food. Ok, so I have always liked this but what is it about summer time and Tex-Mex? I just crave places like Chuy’s, Uncle Julio’s, Mi Cocina, and Chiloso. I would seriously eat Mexican food for every meal if our budget would allow. Good thing it doesn’t, because all I want is fattening stuff like queso and tortillas, which go straight to my you-know-what. BTW, I am pretty sure I just convinced the husband to take me to one of these places for lunch- yum. I am so happy he likes Mexican food almost as much as me.

Tori and Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood. It’s my guilty pleasure. Seriously, this show is not that good but I can’t stop watching. I love to watch their story unfold & I especially like her choice of baby names- Liam and Stella. How cute are those? Maybe it’s from my 90210 watching days, but I just love that Donna Martin. I even bought her new book, Mommywood, which by the way Trey is making so fun of me for. He says it’d be like him buying a book by Spencer Pratt. If anyone gets this analogy please let me know, because the two are not comparable in my world.

Lawn Service. This is the first year we have spent the money to hire someone to mow the yard and do all of the treatments. What a great investment. Seriously. Our yard is green and pretty and this is the first year (no offense, T, I know you tried) that I am not scared to go in the grass without shoes. I am also thankful for the extra however many hours I get to spend with my husband and kid on Saturday morning instead of him being outside (except for right now- he is doing the flowerbeds as we speak, but that doesn’t take near as long as the whole mow/weed eat/edge/fertilize/water thing did). Again, thank you Lawn Lab for my pretty yard.

I better get ready. Uncle Julio’s is waiting!

Picture courtesy of Homesick Texan, a new favorite blog with some yummy Texas-inspired recipes.
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  1. June 20, 2009 10:46 pm

    >Girl, I am with you on the Mexican food thing. In fact, we should go out for some margaritas soon! Trey, you know that you wish you could hang out with Spencer. He is sooo your man crush. No, he does not even compare to Tori. What awesome show has he ever been on?


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