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H-Town Road Trip

June 29, 2009

>Last week, Chloe and I head to Houston with Krista and Owen. Krista’s sister and my friend Jessica (from the wedding I was in last summer) live just a few minutes apart in the Clear Lake area, so we thought it would be a fun road trip! Yes, we are definitely brave taking two 1 year olds on a five hour drive, but it wasn’t too bad. Chloe and I had the best time hanging out with Jessica and her new hubby Nick. They are such a sweet couple and have a beautiful home! We enjoyed Mexican food (of course), shopping, a trip to the Houston Children’s Museum, and I had possibly one of the best pieces of pizza I’ve ever had at a little pizzeria by their house. Yay for summer and road trips!

Here’s how the drive was. For about 45 minutes. :-)

Chloe and Mom enjoying our summer road trip together!

Here’s Chloe at the Children’s Museum. She and Owen LOVED the “Tot Spot” area with tons of stuff just for their age.

Me, Chloe, and Jessica- we had the best time at their house. Chloe wanted to climb up their stairs a million times.

So, I’m unpacked and won’t pack again until Hawaii- it’s just a few weeks away!

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