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She’s a Mess!

June 29, 2009

>I’m not sure if it’s that I’m home with her more or if she’s just that age but lately, Miss Chloe has been getting into everything! I promise, y’all, it’s not because I’m not paying attention to her- it’s that she is faster than a hawk! Here are the stories of her recent “messes”.

We are in the study and she LOVES to get things out of the drawer. Here she is playing with a thing of sticky post-it note tabs. They were everywhere. Sure am glad EY had plenty- don’t think we’ll ever have to buy those again, even if she goes through a pack a day!

This was one of her eating her spaghetti. She’s not that much of a mess in this picture but we were just gettin’ started!

So I gave her a few highlighters to play with because she loves markers. Little did I know she knew how to take off the lids, and before I noticed the lids were off, she had colored her mouth and shirt with the highlighters! Too funny.

No lie. I am blogging about her messes JUST NOW and look! At some point I gave her some of “mommy’s make-up” when I was getting ready the other day. I didn’t even know she had put it in her “purse”, and of course I didn’t know that she could open it. Well, folks, she can. She just now dumped the bronzer/powder stuff everywhere! As you can see, it was all over her face, pj’s, and inside the purse. Now my tile entry way is a little more sparkly than normal. Other than that, we recovered quite well!

I love my little mess!

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  1. June 29, 2009 9:35 pm

    >I love it!!

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