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Birthday Cake and More…

September 13, 2009

>After we got back from Vegas, I had a little get together planned for Trey to celebrate his birthday with his family and friends. Among other things, it gave me an excuse to order another birthday cake from Society Bakery. This is where we got Chloe’s first birthday cake and where the cupcakes are in the Top Ten of America (we happen to think they are number 1!). Anyway, the cake turned out oh-so-perfect and we had a great time celebrating with everyone.

Chloe is just growing so fast! At her 18 month checkup she weighed a whopping 26 pounds! She is still sitting in the 70% percentile for height and weight, and her pediatrician thinks she’s going to be tall! Who knew Trey and I could have a kid that might be tall?? We sure hope he’s right, but I’m not betting on it! We are getting in the swing of things with school. I love, love, love my class. I LOVE being a teacher! I miss CLC so much but I know this is the right thing for me right now. I work with awesome Christian women and we all just feel blessed to be where we are. Chloe is loving Mrs. Vicki’s again. She is happy when I drop her off and then Vicki has been bringing the kiddos to Krista and I at school, so I get to see her right when my students leave. It makes the day so short and I am just so thankful that we are both doing great this school year. Here’s Chloe in her newest outfit. It must have been good luck because the Cowboys pulled out a W today! Praise the Lord for football season!
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  1. September 14, 2009 8:14 pm

    >Too cute! It is scary how much she looks and acts like her Dad! Love you guys!

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