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A Month in Pictures

October 5, 2009

September was a crazy month! Here’s the recap:

Chloe and I went camping with my Mom and Dad. She was so excited when Dandy brought back strawberry ice cream from the store!

Chloe making Cookie and I laugh with her cheesy face.
We went to the P!NK concert in Dallas. She was fabulous. I may or may not have been known to tear up when she made her entrance. I know. Weird.
We bought a new washer and dryer (praise the Lord- who knew it could actually be fun to do laundry?!) at Lowe’s Labor Day Sale. And, somehow or another we ended up with this on our back porch. Our last grill died over the summer so it was a definite need.
Of course, Trey’s first grilling experience on the new grill had to be a cheeseburger! He tried his first recipe from Bobby Flay’s Burgers, Fries, and Shakes (don’t you think the title fits us perfectly?). We made the “Blue Burger” which features blue cheese sauce that rivals Jasper’s and crispy bacon. It happened to be extra fabulous. I also fried our own potato chips- something I had never done before. They also turned out quite tasty- see for yourself!
Here’s a peek of Chloe’s 18 month pictures. They turned out so fun.
Chloe and I are with Hagen, a 6th grader that I had when she was in 1st grade- my first year teaching. We have become great friends with her and her family. Trey and I took her out to Chuy’s for dinner and The Cupcakery for dessert to celebrate her decision to accept Christ as her savior at summer church camp. We are SO proud of her!
Chloe with Baby Mia. She’s getting so grown up! Chloe just loves Mia. Anytime we drive on a street that has lots of trees, she points to a house and says “Baby Mia” because she thinks we’re at their house. So sweet.
Notice we’re smiling at the Cowboy’s Stadium- picture was obviously before the Aggies lost to the Hogs. Seriously? How can we get beat by a school with hogs as their mascot? That’s just wrong. The stadium was awesome, though- way to go, Jerry.
We’re excited that October is here and our long list of plans is really over. We’re going to San Angelo soon to see my parents- mom is recovering from knee replacement surgery. Other than that, we have NO PLANS, and I can’t think of anything that sounds better than that.
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  1. October 5, 2009 4:42 pm

    >pls put Chloe "CHEESE" picture on Picasa!!!! It is my FAVORITE!!!

  2. October 5, 2009 10:18 pm

    >What a fun update, Sherry!

  3. October 7, 2009 10:13 am

    >Wow! What an update! Richard and Trey have matching grills, how cute! 18 month pictures of Chloe are adorable!!! Pic of Mia and Chloe is so cute too. Sorry about the Aggie game, next year though! Pencil us in for something fun in October. Love ya!


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