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Santa is not her friend…

December 14, 2009


…at least not this year. We’ll try again next Christmas! Although this picture looks like she is super sad, we had the best day with the Thomas family- especially enjoying the adult conversation during naptime (a rarity!) and playing with our girls!
The countdown is on- only a few more days of school and I am off for 2 weeks. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more ready for the Christmas break! Chloe is loving everything this year- the tree, Christmas carols, her “little people” manger scene… I can hardly wait until Christmas morning!
Not only do we get to look forward to watching Chloe experience all of the Christmas fun, we are finding out what May baby is next week! We are going to have the sonogram nurse write it in a Christmas card and open it as a family on Christmas Eve. We aren’t really putting presents under the tree for each other this year, so we thought this would be a great way to celebrate! My prediction??? Another girl! I have had the exact same pregnancy. I just can’t imagine it being a boy in there! Trey on the other hand has convinced himself (for the second time- he did this with Chloe too) that it’s a boy. I hope he’s right for his sake, but I’m not counting on it! Stay tuned about all that…
So, the presents are wrapped (mostly) which means my shopping is pretty much done. The Christmas cards are getting mailed tomorrow, and we have already marked off about 1/2 of the Christmas movies on our list. We’re saving our favorite for last- White Christmas. What a great movie. I heart Bing Crosby. We both grew up watching it… my sisters (and cousins) have given new meaning to the “Sisters” song. If you know us well, you’ve heard us sing it once or twice. A rendition of it was even performed by the Moore girls at my rehearsal dinner. Trey and I have made it our tradition to watch it every Christmas Eve. For all those reasons, it’s my favorite Christmas movie. I must say it beats Home Alone by a very small margin. What is your favorite Christmas movie?? I can’t wait to hear! Maybe I’ll need to add a few more to our list!
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  1. December 15, 2009 12:52 pm

    >So far we have watched It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, the Nativity and now we are watching Little Women. I guess Allen can only take Little Women in small chunks so we are watching it a little each night. I watched Home Alone with MG and Juli Thanksgiving weekend. We thought about you. I am going to miss you so much this year!!! Can't wait till next week you better call as soon as you open the card with bundle of joy's status!!!Both will be exciting because it will be a sister for CLC (sisters are the best) or it will be a boy and even out the grandkids 3 boys and 3 girls!! Love you!!!

  2. December 15, 2009 8:44 pm

    >The Brittains are totally on the "White Christmas" bandwagon. It's the perfect sing-along Christmas movie, and if you listen closely, it's pretty funny (in a 1950's kind of way). We LOVE it, too! Our pre-baby tradition was to go watch it every year on the big screen at the Lakewood Theater, but now we just watch it at home!

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