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>Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

February 27, 2010


Dear Chloe,
Today is your second birthday! I woke up early this morning thinking about how excited you will be to see that the “birthday fairy” has stopped by- decorating the entire house with pink and black ribbon- Minnie Mouse is everywhere. The birthday fairy will also be getting donuts for this special day! For weeks you have been saying “My birfday’s comin‘ up!” and I don’t think I’ll ever forget just how cute and excited you get when you talk about this birthday. You’ve told every friend and stranger all about your Minnie party, cake, and friends that will be coming. You know you’re going to be two but you have a little trouble making two with your fingers, which I think is adorable. You also know your birthday is on the twenty-seventh, which for you seems like it would never come, and for me it seems like it can’t be this day already.
Two years ago I woke up extra early on this day. I couldn’t sleep- I was too excited to meet you! Your daddy and I got to the hospital and within a few hours, I got to hold you for the first time. From the minute I saw you, I felt like I had always known you. It’s like my entire past and future was there, in that moment. My life was changed forever.

Once we brought you home, our life here went pretty crazy. Through it all, I came away with knowing that I couldn’t take one moment with you for granted. Feeding you, cuddling with you, trying to soothe you, and changing lots of blow out diapers- that first year was full of ups and downs. God taught me so much that year about being a mom. I fell in love with your bright blue eyes, cute smile, and chubby thighs and just couldn’t imagine life without you.

This is the picture that always sticks in my mind of your first birthday. I thought you were such a big girl then! You were already starting to build your now amazing vocabulary with words like Mama and Dada, and I knew on that day that you were not mommy’s baby anymore. You were growing up so fast!

This past year has been just as fun as the first, and even better in some ways. This year I got to know your personality- you are just like your daddy! You are always trying to make us laugh and your bubbly self fills any room that you’re in. Your daddy would say you’re just like me- a little on the talkative side, and maybe even a little stubborn. I don’t agree with him at all. We just know what we want!

I know I will regret not writing down all of the things you come up with, but here are a few of our recent favorites: When Krista came to our house the other day you said, “Come on in, Krista” and waved your hand telling her to make herself comfortable in our house. You recently said “I have Dora snack, Mommy has beans and rice” when taking about what snack we should have. We were at the doctor’s office and you were so excited about the fact that your pants had pockets. I asked you what you put in your pockets and you said as plain as day, “My iPhone”. That one made everyone in the waiting room laugh. You have started saying “I’m so excited” and clapping your hands (this is a Moore girl thing, and you’ve already mastered it. We are all so proud!). When Noni is going to pick you up, you go around saying “Noni pick me up! Noni pick me up!”

There are so many other things you do these days:

  • You are in the 85% for both height and weight. You are 35 inches tall! The doctor says that means you could be 5’10”. Where did that come from?? I can’t wait to see if it’s actually true.
  • You love to eat lots of foods. Of course, like your daddy, sweets are your favorites. Donuts, M&Ms, cupcakes- you would live off this stuff if I would let you. You still love all fruit, but are especially stuck on grapes these days. You also love lasagna, bean burritos, and cereal.
  • You LOVE your grandparents. Noni, Poppi, Cookie, Dandy, Pops, and Bebe are among your favorite people. They are so good to you and you are so blessed to have so many people that think you are the best.
  • You are going to be the next Hannah Montana. You already love her and sing lots of her songs, thanks to Kerry! I even bought you a Hannah Montana sing along DVD for your birthday. You get your microphone going and nothing will stop you. You dance and sing all over the living room and your dad and I just love watching you.
  • You also love to sing praise songs. We sing “You Make Beautiful Things” together all of the time. Sometimes you even tell mommy in the car, “No mommy, don’t sing it. I sing it!”. When it snowed last week, we were listening to that song and all I could think about is how God made you and is making Jack right now- two of the most beautiful things he has ever made! When I told you that God made the you and the snow, you said “Mommy, I love God!”.
  • You love to read. Yesterday at the doctor’s office you pulled out Pinkalicious and read me the book- you turned every page and told me what was happening, and always included a few actual words from the book. You are so smart!
  • You still love Minnie Mouse but you are into Dora more. You love to watch Dora, play with your Dora dolls, and climb in your Dora tent. Because of Dora, you can count to ten in Spanish. Your dad and I didn’t know you could do this until one day you had your Dora fruit snack and lined them up on the table and started counting Uno, Dos, Tres… we couldn’t believe it.
  • You can count to twenty in English and can spell your name. You love to “color draw” and use stickers for artwork!
  • You are learning to use the potty and are so proud of yourself when you are successful. You also get M&Ms when you go which makes you very happy.
  • You know most of your colors and prefer pink over any other one.
  • You love to pick out your own clothes and dress yourself. You get frustrated when it is too hard, but you won’t let me help you (is that what your daddy was talking about when he said stubborn?)
  • You LOVE the mall. Anytime we’re in a parking garage, you say “MALL!” and get so excited.

Chloe, your mommy and daddy love you so much. We can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with you today. I hear you waking up now, so I better get the camera ready! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

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  1. February 28, 2010 9:34 pm

    >Happy Birthday Chloe! Josh still gets excited when he sees your pictures. Hope all is well. Tell your Mom and Dad I said hi.Kevin K.

  2. March 1, 2010 11:48 am

    >O Sherry, That brought tears to my eyes! Happy birthday Dear Sweet Chloe!!!

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