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Easter & Moving Update

April 5, 2010

Not much time to blog, but I had to put some Easter pics up! We had a great weekend celebrating what Jesus has done for us. Our church service was beautiful and we heard a great message about how our life is not in our control (imagine that!). This sermon came at a great time for both Trey and I- until today, we did not even have a closing date on either house. We were getting frustrated with the whole thing, but came away Saturday night after church just knowing that God knows our every need and the perfect timing for everything. When we move or when Jack comes is not in our control and I am so glad it’s not. He knows best! Anyway, We celebrated with family and friends and had a blessed weekend!

Here’s Chloe about to eat a cupcake she and Noni made together.
Chloe LOVED hunting for eggs. She wanted to open each one before finding another one! I bet in a couple of years she’ll realize if she doesn’t get them quick, her brother will!
Here’s Chloe with Trey’s Grandmother. We are so blessed to have her so close by.
Poppi got her a raincoat, hat, and umbrella to go with the rain boots he bought her a while back. She’ll have to grow into it all, but isn’t it the cutest stuff? I just love the brand Trumpette. Thanks Poppi!!
We close on our house Tuesday. We are so ready to move!
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