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July, where did you go?

July 26, 2010


What a month! Here’s a quick recap:

The first part of July was spent at the Hale’s. Jana’s parents (Jana is one of my oldest and dearest friends) have a beautiful, brand new home with lots of room and were gracious enough to let a 2 year old, a one month old, a sleep deprived mom and a stressed out dad (oh, and a crazy dog) stay with them for a week while our plumbing was getting fixed in our house. Long story, but basically we only had one functioning bathroom since we moved in April. $9K and a lot of headaches later, we are proud to say we can now use any shower/tub/toilet in any bathroom, and that is cause for much celebration!

We came home from the Hale’s for less than 24 hours to do laundry & repack, then the kids and & I headed to my hometown to spend some time with my family. We went to celebrate my mom’s birthday, my brother in law’s deacon ordination, and visit with family and friends. I hadn’t spent that much time in West Texas since we got married, so it was a nice to spend lots of quality time with my parents and sisters and their families. While we were there, Jack turned 2 months! He is still such an easy baby (except for a week where we figured out he has reflux… now he’s on meds and is back to his laid-back self), and is smiling and babbling all the time.

We have been back in Dallas for a week now. Chloe graduated from survival swimming lessons last week, which was a huge accomplishment! We are so thankful for Mrs. Tracey and Chloe’s ability to survive if she were to fall in the pool. She has so much fun swimming and floating. We are amazed at how well she is doing & are having so much fun having pool time as a family.

Now that July is coming to an end, it is starting to really sink in that I’m not teaching this year. My teacher friends are getting their class lists, rooms ready, and telling me about the current school gossip, and I just honestly can’t believe I’m not going to be with them come August! But, I wouldn’t trade my decision for anything! It is such a blessing knowing I am going to be home with these two! I will just have to stay away from the Target school supplies area for a while- something about that makes me so excited about the start of school. Come to think of it, this will be my first August to not have a “first day of school” since 1985. Whhhaaat??? That is craziness. But, you know me, I’ll be having “school” here at home with Chloe. We’ve already been doing a “Word of the Day” activity and she is so into it. I’ll share about that later for any of you moms with young kids. Hopefully I can put my teaching career to good use and get this girl learning as much as possible before kindergarten! It won’t be long *sniff*sniff*!

Here’s some pictures from our month:
Jack at 2 months
Juli is getting so big- she’ll be in 2nd grade!
All the Moore girls- we went to get MG & Juli’s ears pierced!
There were a few tears but it was worth it!
The girl cousins enjoying Cookie and Dandy’s backyard
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  1. July 26, 2010 11:55 am

    >School supplies always made me feel sick! hahah

  2. July 27, 2010 5:03 pm

    >Hey Girl, I am so glad that you got your bathroom plumbing fixed! That has to be a relief! And I just wanted to let you know that if you decide that you are missing teaching too much, that I can always trade you Thatch and Julz for Jack and you can have a mini class with 3!….Hope to see ya'll soon!

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