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Crazy Blessed?

August 11, 2010

Before Chloe was born, I went searching on iTunes for a few lullabies to play in her room.  I came across two albums that I bought and have loved, loved, loved ever since. The first album, Blink, is by the Christian artist Plumb. Every song is beautiful and each was written by a mom of two young boys, so new moms can relate so well to what she is saying.

My favorite song from that album is “Me”. It talks about how as moms there are many times where we feel like we haven’t taken a shower in days, we haven’t slept in weeks, and that those early days of caring for a newborn are hard. But, she ties all of those hard times back to the fact that we wouldn’t trade anything for these moments, because we know how quickly they slip away. Here is the chorus:

“Me, I wouldn’t trade your love for all the candy
In this great big world
Me, I feel so crazy blessed and oh so lucky
To be the place you go
When you need to feel safe, When you need a kiss
Oh don’t be afraid, Cause what you’ll have is….

If you’re interested in the rest of the song, click here. Oh and here’s your warning- keep a box of kleenex close by!
So, that’s why Crazy Blessed is the name of the new blog. I feel so crazy blessed knowing that God has chosen me to care for Chloe and Jack every day. I know that there are days where I can easily forget that what I have been given are two little blessings from God. I want to be reminded each day to be so, so thankful that I get to be the one they need and trust. I hope and pray that throughout their childhood, I am constantly pointing them to The One they will always need, a relationship and love far greater than anything I can give to them.

The other album is titled “Sing Over Me- Worship Songs and Lullabies”. It is filled with praise songs by artists like Christy Knockels of Watermark and Nichole Nordeman. Listening to these two albums brings tears to my eyes- each song has helped me get through many hard days (and nights) of motherhood. Now, Chloe not only loves to listen to these, but she now sings them to Jack, which makes my heart so happy!

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  1. August 12, 2010 1:46 am

    Love the new blog!!

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