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Happy 3 Months, Jack!

August 14, 2010

Our little boy is growing up so fast! I can’t believe he is 3 months old. This week he started reaching for toys. His current favorite is his duck, which was passed down from his sister. It was one of Chloe’s first favorites so I’m glad that Jack likes him too!

Jack, you are sleeping from 10pm-7am, which makes mommy so happy! You love your passy and have it in your mouth most of the day. But, you are starting to take your passy out and suck your two fingers- the same ones your sister did. We’re guessing that must be hereditary? So weird. We’re trying to put a stop to that now but we’ll see who wins. You are sleeping in your own bed and you love to be swaddled. You have reflux and when it is bad, you really hurt. Mommy feels so bad for you and is hoping your new medicine will be what fixes it. You love your swing. Most of all, you love your sister. You smile and follow her with your eyes anytime she is around you. She loves to sing to you and share her toys with you. You are such a big boy- everyone comments how long you are and how strong you seem. You’re already wanting to roll over and it won’t be long until you will. We are so proud of you, little man, and we love watching you grow!

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