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Looking Forward to Mondays

September 13, 2010

The “Sunday Night Blues”, or SNBs as Trey and I call them, started sometime soon after college when we began our careers. We are big planners and always had weekends planned in advance, and they were usually full with something fun. Whether it be hanging out with good friends or something as simple as shopping trip to the mall or renting a movie we’d missed in the theater, we lived for the weekends. So when Sunday night came around, so did the SNBs.

It wasn’t that I didn’t love my job, it’s just that the thought of starting the whole week over again and knowing the fun weekend had come to an end always caused some sadness on Sunday night. Once we had Chloe, the SNBs got even worse. I didn’t love the fact that I had to leave her with someone else- I knew I’d miss her sweet face all week! So, I have realized that since I’ve been staying at home, the SNBs have yet to make their appearance!

I now look forward to Monday mornings. I never thought I’d say that! But, as fun as the weekends are, they are definitely crazy, so it is just nice to be back in our little routine. I feel like Mondays are my catch-up day– laundry, cleaning, e-mailing, bills, etc… just a day to get us back to “normal”. I love being home and having the ability to do all of this during the weekdays, so it doesn’t take up time in the evenings and on weekends.

I also look forward to Mondays because I know I don’t have to worry about being somewhere by 7:30am! YES! Although I am usually up early because of Jack, it is just different knowing that I don’t have to get totally ready and get everyone out the door. I can take Monday mornings slow- drink my coffee, stay in my pjs, start a load of laundry, play with Chloe, piddle (I love that word…and it came up on my spell check but had no suggestions. So I looked it up on an online dictionary. Apparently there are two meanings for piddle. 1. to spend one’s time aimlessly or 2. to urinate. Just to be clear, I am using piddle’s first meaning listed) around the house, etc., all with nowhere to be. That is a great feeling!

To those of you that work- there are definitely things I miss about the beginning of a work week, especially as a teacher! I miss seeing my students for the first time Monday morning and hearing all about their weekends. I miss getting dressed up in a cute work outfit (yes, something other than sweat pants and a tank top!) and heading out to stop at Starbucks or Sonic on the way. I miss the catching up with co-workers over lunch and hearing about everyone’s weekend. I realize now that I had a lot to look forward to back then. I just didn’t notice it until now!

Thinking about how so many of us live for the weekends, it makes me realize how much we miss out on enjoying the Mondays of our life. So many of us (ok, well at least me) find ourselves living for what’s next. The upcoming weekend plans. When the baby sleeps through the night. When we move. When we have more money. When the kids start school. When the weather gets cool. When we win the lottery. Or, when we get to buy a house in Hawaii and spend 6 months of the year there (ha! I can dream, right?). We all play the “when” game. I want to start playing the “now” game. So, right now, I’m going to finish enjoying my Monday! Have a great week.

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  1. September 13, 2010 8:13 pm

    Ha! That is so funny!! I have totally been thinking the same thing. I would always get the SNBs. I have seen such a difference in my attitude on the weekends. I lived for the weekends but that was also the only time I had to clean, do laundry, pay bills and exactly like you said I can do that during the week whenever I need to. Just last night we were on our way home from church and Bret said “hey do you want to go finish watching the game at my parents house?” usually on a Sunday night I would have said no lets go home so I can get ready for school but I looked at him and said “sure I don’t have to be at work tomorrow :). I love it!! (sorry for the long comment)

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