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Not-so-wordless Wednesday

September 22, 2010

Sorry for the drought in posts. It’s been busy around here!

1. I am planning for a baby shower at my house next weekend. One of my college roommates is having a baby girl, and it will be the first big event at my new house! I couldn’t put off hanging pictures any longer, so most walls now have something on them. This house is really starting to feel like home, and that feels good.

2. Jack turned 4 months last week.  The doctor said he’s not gaining enough weight, so I was prescribed a high-fat diet. Can I get a whoop? So, no more Weight Watchers for now. I still want to lose a few more pounds, but that will have to wait! In the mean time I have been enjoying burgers, fries, pizza, Chuy’s, etc. Not exactly sure if that’s what the doctor had in mind, but I’m doing it for the sake of my boy, right?! Otherwise he is healthy and as cute as can be. He is rolling over both ways, giggling a ton, and enjoying his first meals of rice cereal. His reflux seems to be better right now, and he is back to sleeping at least 7 hours at night. I just love my little man.

3.  Chloe has been at my parents’ house since Sunday. She was not one bit sad to leave her mama for a few days, but I sure was! I am heading down there with Jack today and I can’t wait to see my girl. I will say, it was a nice break only having one kid. I went to stores like Sample House and JoAnns and Target where it was so easy to look around and not have to entertain a 2 year old. Trey and I talked in the car (a rarity these days) and enjoyed some quality time together. It was also great to have a little extra time with Jack. Of course, when Chloe is around, he just doesn’t get all of my attention. I think he and I both liked that he got all of me this week.

4. There is nothing I crave more than creamy jalapeno, chips, and a real Coke from Chuy’s.

5. I upgraded my iPhone 3G with the 4 and I am in love. I can now listen to Pandora and check my e-mail and Facebook all at the same time (kind of). It is delightful. My new favorite apps are Fruit Ninja (thanks to Kristin, I am addicted), Newsie (have I told y’all about this? It is a blog reader app that accesses your Google reader, then displays it in e-mail format. It is a dream come true if you love to read blogs but don’t have time to click on each one every day.) and ESPN ScoreCenter. (I’ve had this one, but didn’t know it had alerts- now it texts me the final score of the Rangers and Aggies. Oh, and the Cowboys. Don’t even get me started. For real.)

6. I miss my girl. Did I already say that?

Well, I better get to packing. We are celebrating both my grandmother and grandfather’s 80th birthdays on Saturday night with the whole gang. Can’t wait to see everyone. Especially my girl!


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  1. September 22, 2010 11:35 am

    Tell Angie and James I said Hi!
    And isn’t it funny how it used to be such a hassle to have to take 1 kid to the store with you, but now it is like heaven when you only have 1 to take!

  2. Julie permalink
    September 22, 2010 1:40 pm

    hey girl, just read this article last week, and then read what you wrote on your blog and thought you might find this article interesting! i sure did!
    hope you are doing well!

  3. September 24, 2010 3:29 pm

    I know you missed miss Chloe but I am sure it was nice to just have some alone time with cutie Jack! I cannot believe he is 4 months.

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