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October 13, 2010

Today was a great day. Today was one of those days where I look at my kids and think to myself how thankful I am that I get to be with them every day. Today wasn’t particularly exciting; we had no playdates or big events to attend. But, Today was perfect.

First things first. I got a good night’s sleep. Jack’s sleeping-through-the-night thing comes in waves, and we’re riding a good one right now. It is amazing how getting 7 consecutive hours of sleep changes my entire perspective. Thank you, Lord, for that.

I had a quick meeting this morning so I fixed my coffee and headed out the door in business attire, which was a nice change of pace for me. I had my hair done yesterday so my blow-out was still fresh and it felt nice getting out and about so early. I was back home in no time so Trey could get to work.

While Jack was taking his morning nap, Chloe and I played dress-up, Barbies, princesses, and read books until it was time to feed Jack and get some lunch. Pei Wei leftovers (thank you Angie!) were a lunch treat today for me!

After cleaning up lunch (and a horrid poopy diaper from Jack- the prunes are working) we got out to run a few errands. Nothing special- Sonic and Wal-Mart first, then the library. Side story- A couple of months ago we decide to head to the local library for the first time. When signing up for a library card, they said I had to pay $250. For a LIBRARY CARD. Seriously? Well, we are not residents of the city where this library is, so I was not allowed to get a card without paying a huge fee. Only after a little questioning did the lady let me know that because Chloe will be attending the school district of the city, she could get a card for free. So, using my driver’s licence and phone number, my 2-year-old has the only library card in our household. Does anyone else think there is something wrong with this? Anyway, whatevs. I’m totally over it. Really, I am.

Back to Today. After our other errands, we headed to the library for our weekly visit. Chloe looks forward to this every week and is such a pro at finding running to the children’s section (specifically the Dora shelf) and picking out a few books. We seem to always leave with some combination of Dora/Barbie/Disney Princess books with a couple of other ones the teacher in me can’t resist.

Nap time was then looming, so after settling in the house and having a quick snack it was off to bed for Chloe. She is still such a good nap-taker and I’d like to keep it that way, thank you very much. Two hours is the usual stretch, which makes for a break from two kids for mommy and a much happier Chloe in the evenings when daddy gets home! Jack wasn’t having another nap yet, but that was fine with me. We cuddled and played peek-a-boo, rolled over on the new rug (for our family room- we found it at Home Depot for like 70% off and I’m loving it), and he swung a while so I could sweep the kitchen and get to thinking about dinner.

During that time I called Trey to say hey and let him know we’d be having company for dinner (My close friend from growing up and her husband recently moved to the area and we have LOVED having Clay and Kristin so close for things like impromtu dinners!) It was one of those conversations that Trey and I have every day- just updates on how the day has gone, what’s for dinner, etc., but for some reason it just seemed special. While talking, I made sure to let him know about Today. And the fact that I LOVE staying home and I am so thankful he is willing to make sacrifices for me to do this. I told him that although Today was not perfect, it was still me getting to spend time with my babies. I know they won’t be this little forever and I want to take in every moment and enjoy this time.

God has been working on my heart so much lately. He’s been helping me see the need for adjusting my thoughts and expectations to be positive and uplifting. Both in BSF this week and a random (not really) e-mail I got from my mom mentioned Matthew 12:34 where Jesus talks about how our mouth speaks from the overflow of our hearts. My heart can easily be filled with complaining about each disgusting diaper or 2 year old tantrum, but God has reminded me that every moment we have has sifted through His hands. I want positive thoughts about my kids, my husband, and my life to linger in my heart so that my mouth will follow with uplifting words that edify those around me. 

After talking to Trey, I put Jack down for a nap and Chloe’s still sleeping. Thanks to their peaceful rest, I get to write about Today. Today wasn’t special in most people’s eyes, but Today was perfect for me. Someday, when I don’t remember the details of being a mom with young ones, I can come back and remember.

I’ll remember how much I loved Today.

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