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Has it really been a month?!

December 5, 2010

Terrible blogger. That’s what I am. I have good intentions of getting on here and posting our updates on Jack turning 6 months, Thanksgiving, etc…. but I honestly have not had the time. If anyone told me I’d be busier staying at home with two kids than working with one, I wouldn’t have believed them. In fact, I’m sure some of my SAHM friends said that, I just wasn’t listening. Well, they were right. I am SO busy all of the time. Of course a lot of it is fun- but just busy.

November was another fun month for the Clemens. I’ll hopefully do a few posts to catch up with all the major events. First one- My baby boy turned 6 months! What?? Jack- here’s what you’re doing now:

  • You weigh 15 pounds 8 oz- although you’re still in the 10th percentile for weight (even after we switched to formula for good) your doctor says there is no need to worry, that you’re just going to be “long and lean”. I hope he’s right, but I can’t help but see your little arms and worry a bit.
  • You measured 27 1/4 inches, which is where the “long” comes from.
  • You babble all of the time- including MamaMamaMama. Not really sure you know what it means, but I’m hoping this means that when you’re ready to say words, Mama will be first on the list.
  • You have been sitting up without support for a while now. You LOVE toys. Especially balls. And stuffed animals. And toy keys. Basically anything you can grab and bring to your mouth- including Chloe’s Barbies.
  • You and Boots have recently become friends. You watch every move he makes and your face lights up when he gets close to you.
  • Chloe still adores you and can make you smile and laugh at any given moment.
  • You love your bath in the kitchen sink. You splash around and make quite a mess, but I don’t mind because you’re so cute doing it.
  • You love food. Any food. Peas, carrots, green beans, and any fruit- I can’t seem to feed you fast enough. Chloe started out a good eater too, so I’m not getting my hopes up that you’ll stay this easy.
  • You love being on your tummy and you are so ready to crawl. I know it won’t be long and I’ll be chasing you around the house!
  • You smile ALL THE TIME. Everyone comments on what a happy baby you are and they are right! You are always smiling and laughing, especially when you have anyone’s attention.
  • We love you so much Jack! Your fun personality and constant smile bring joy to our days. Oh, and your sleeping 11 hours, which brings joy to our nights as well. YAY for that!


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