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December 5, 2010

Here’s what our itinerary looked like for Thanksgiving in West Texas 2010:

  • Drive to San Angelo
  • Eat dessert upon arrival
  • Eat dinner after dessert (including these, oh you must try. We omitted the black beans. I love black beans but for some reason they seemed weird in this recipe. And we grilled ’em instead. SOOOOO good.)
  • Make first run to Hobby Lobby
  • Go to bed
  • Wake up and start cooking
  • Watch Thanksgiving Day parade with kids
  • Cook more food
  • Enjoy all the family coming over
  • Eat the food
  • Look at the ads for DAT (more on DAT)
  • Watch the Cowboys lose
  • Eat some food to help us feel better
  • Watch the Aggies against t.u.
  • Almost get sick during the game because of the stress and the fact that we have been eating for 24 hours straight
  • Celebrate the Aggies win over that other school in Texas. WHOOP!!!! There’s a way better, hilarious recap here
  • Eat a piece of pie to celebrate
  • Roll into bed
  • Get up at 2:30am
  • Be in line at Target with Angie by 3:30am
  • Get into Target at 4:02am
  • Split up to conquer, fill two shopping baskets full, and stand in line for 1 hour (oh, and get a drink from the cafe! and have your mom bring you Whataburger for breakfast! and shop online on iPhone while in line! and laugh until you cry about this whole experience! and get SO excited that while waiting in line, you find the last Pyrex set that was $19.99! PRAISE THE LORD.)
  • Go to numerous other stores, which may or may not have included our 2nd visit to Hobby Lobby and a stop at Chick fil A for our 2nd breakfast. AS IF WE NEEDED TO EAT ANOTHER THING FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES.
  • Find the cutest DAT ornament (it’s a tradition to buy an ornament on DAT every year) at Family Christian Bookstore
  • Spend $100 at Bath and Body works because the sale. I couldn’t resist the sale. Hand soap. Signature Collection. Mentha Lip Shine. Oh my goodness. The SALE!
  • Get home at 2 pm and CRASH while sweet husband watches the kids (again)
  • Wake up to see Auburn losing 21-0 and was sad for my sweet Auburn friend, Krista
  • Predict to her through a text that it will just be a really sweet comeback
  • Eat
  • Make third trip to Hobby Lobby
  • Make first trip to Best Buy to drool over camera I want
  • Get a text from friend Krista saying Auburn came back and won. I am a genius. 
  • Unsuccessfully beg husband for camera
  • Go to Academy and buy work out clothes instead. Because I know I’ll need to start up again after all this eating.
  • Eat pie for dinner. Ha!
  • Watch dad get down all Christmas stuff for mom
  • Make fourth trip to Hobby Lobby with mom to purchase new Christmas tree because lights won’t work on the one they just put up
  • Get the last Christmas tree at Hobby Lobby! It wasn’t really the last tree, but the last one of its kind and it was very exciting! (insert small claps- that’s for you, Moore girls)
  • Make ornaments with kids and cousins
  • Go to bed
  • Wake up to the smell of french toast and bacon
  • Drink coffee with my daddy on the back porch with the fire going
  • Make fifth trip to Hobby Lobby (no, I’m not kidding)
  • Get ready for Shrimp Boil with ALL the family
  • Make my favorite cookies
  • Eat, again
  • Visit with my favorite cousin
  • Take Chloe to go see Tangled in 3D
  • Watch her light up while watching her first Disney Princess movie  on the big screen
  • Go to bed
  • Wake up and pack to come home
  • Drive home
  • Get home
  • Realize that the unpacking and laundry from our 5 day trip seems insurmountable
  • Finish off Thanksgiving weekend by decorating our Christmas tree with our favorite Christmas album playing in the background

What a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for many things this year. A healthy, bouncing baby Jack coming into our lives. Chloe growing up to be such a sweet little girl. The health of our family and friends. Our new house and God’s provision for our move and even for the troubles we had with all of that. The blessing of becoming a stay at home mom. The list goes on and on. Through the good and the bad, thank you Father for another year full of You.


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  1. December 5, 2010 6:00 pm

    HaHa this post cracks me up!!

  2. Michelle permalink
    December 5, 2010 10:10 pm

    5 trips to Hobby Lobby?? My goodness! Sounds like you had a busy but wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Eve Farris permalink
    December 7, 2010 10:07 am

    What a great time! Is this why I secretly wanted to be one of the Moore Girls! haahaha

  4. AmyD permalink
    December 7, 2010 12:43 pm

    I have been waiting for a Thanksgiving/Dat recap. I missed
    shopping with yall soooooooooooo much. I was there in spirit!!! NXT
    year, I say me mom and Angie come to Dallas Thursday night so we
    can have DAT together here in the big city.

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