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I was getting a little insecure.

January 6, 2011

Until just a few minutes ago, I thought NO ONE had commented on my last post. You see, comments for moderation have always come to my e-mail inbox, and when I hadn’t heard from anyone after the post had been up for 2 days, I started to have a tad bit of insecurity. I had thoughts that included the following: Not one person reads my blog. No one likes my bedroom. I should have done a $50 instead of $25 gift card for the giveaway. HA! Then, I decided to check out my actual blog, and behold, there were 7 of you waiting to be moderated! Before seeing these, I seriously contemplated signing in as a fake user and commenting myself. Really, I did. How sad is that?! I told myself excuses like “it will take a while; I did ask them to include links” and “well, the giveaway isn’t over until the end of January so I’m sure a few will trickle in by then”. Bottom line, I pretty much felt insecure about the whole thing for 48 hours. I debated pulling out Beth’s book So Long, Insecurity to see if she had a chapter on how to deal with people not commenting on your blog posts. Oh, I kid. But actually, this whole ordeal really did make me think. Do I truly get security from people commenting on my blog? Because that is stupid. When I finally realized that this seriously does not matter, I felt so much better. And then I found your lovely comments. Thanks, God, for teaching me a lesson this week in finding security in You, even in the little things!

And, thanks to those of you for your comments and for making me feel secure again :).  I love the ideas so far and I am excited to get busy on the room. To everyone else- you have until January 31 so no rush!

Now on to something other than my small/medium-sized bout of insecurity. We’ve had such a great week getting back in the swing of things. I have all of the Christmas stuff down and all T needs to do is move it to the barn. Now I just need to clean and I’ll feel like our house is back in order.

The kids are officially enrolled in mother’s day out and they start Monday. I’m a little nervous just because it’s something new, but I know they will love it. I already have a lunch date with Trey that day because my job doesn’t start until next Wednesday. Chloe picked out this fun nap mat, and now I’m on the hunt for a cute yet functional lunch sack. Any ideas? I promise I won’t get insecure if you don’t have one to share :).

The Ags play in the Cottonbowl tomorrow and I’m a little nervous. LSU seems to always bring their best and bottom line, I just don’t want to lose. Especially not to LSU and the SEC. The Big 12 has not done great in bowl games this year, and it’s up to us to finish strong. Gig ’em, Ags!

I’ve done a small amount of shopping recently. I had Christmas money to spend! I bought these boots (below) in black and am not sure I ordered the right size.

The 6 seems snug but I’m thinking the 7 will be too big. My other Uggs are a 6 but my Ugg house shoes are a 7… And, I just saw this new style. Oh, the drama that surrounds my boot purchase. I’m sure I’ll get that one figured out.

I also ordered this for my iPhone and this for my new camera. Yes, they are both dorky electronic protection items, but the purple iPhone cover is going to be a nice change to spruce up my phone and protect it from being damaged when my 2 year old drops it (which happens a lot).

I also purchased this camera strap from a shop on Etsy.

Isn’t it cute? She has lots of fun fabric options to choose from. Fun! My Christmas money is officially spent but I had fun buying a few things I had my eye on. Did you get anything exciting while shopping after Christmas? I’d love to hear!

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  1. January 6, 2011 4:09 pm

    HaHa, this is hilarious because for the past 48 hours I
    have been thinking I really need to post on Sherry’s blog but I am
    just no good at decorating just off the top of my head and I don’t
    know what to tell her. I kept thinking I know if I am out and see
    something that pops out I will let her know (don’t know when that
    will be :) ) I also know the drama of the boot buying. I have been
    looking for a couple of months and just cannot decide!! Sorry no
    ideas on a lunch sack either.

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