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We haven’t left the house in FOUR days.

February 4, 2011

If you know me or have read my blog at least once, you know for a fact I am not a home-body. I like to get out and about, at least once a day, EVERY DAY (did someone say Happy Hour?). So, to say that the ice/snow in Dallas has cramped my style is the understatement of the year (and it’s only February 4, people). Guess what else?

I haven’t had a Sonic drink since Sunday. {gasp!}

I know. It is just AWFUL. That has to be record. I am going crazy! Trey’s been out some; he went to work yesterday, and he also got out to grab a Redbox or two and a pizza. The rest of us haven’t been anywhere in four days. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed inside for this long. Chloe and I both need to get out, and playing in the snow {which only lasted about 10 minutes} doesn’t count as an outing. Hopefully we will venture somewhere tomorrow, but the roads around us have just been terrible. As much as I want to get out, I also don’t want to drag my two kids in the freezing temperatures and onto the icy roads. So, we are here for now. Our back gate is frozen anyway, so we’d all be piling in the Jetta to head anywhere and right now it’s covered in 6 inches of snow.

We’ve had fun being inside. Our days have been filled with the fire constantly going, lots of coffee, pancakes, game-playing, hot chocolate, and picture-taking. I’ve also been doing some more party planning for CLC’s birthday and my mom’s retirement party. I’ve cleaned out my closet and Chloe’s closet, finished hanging the curtains in our bedroom, and dusted the entire house. I’d say we’ve been productive, although there has been a lot of laying around, too!

I hope you are staying warm and enjoying time with your family. I’ll leave you with the cutest hot chocolate mustache you’ll ever see!


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  1. Wilma Moore permalink
    February 5, 2011 9:34 pm

    Chloe is so beautiful!


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