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More birthday pics and a few sappy words, too

March 2, 2011

Here are a few more pics from the party:

Princess Juliet; Molly and Bret

Lola, Sophia, and Chloe; Jana and Hudson


Jennifer, Mia, and Richard; Chloe opening her Taylor Swift doll from Bebe

Pops and Chloe; Keith and Trey

 The Dantzler Family; Chloe and Owen

 We went to the American Girl store on her birthday. I will never forget the look of awe on her face as we walked into the store. She was instantly in love! She had fun picking out an Itty Bitty Baby and a doctor’s kit to go with it.We’ll be buying the other accessories at Target (I hear they have a brand of doll accessories that fit the Bitty Baby) because a onesie for her baby was like $20 at the AG store! That is just crazy! Anyway, Chloe loves her new baby and she goes with us everywhere these days.

I was so happy yet so sad about Chloe turning three. It is just crazy to think about how quickly these last three years have gone by. I never knew how much fun I was going to have being a mom, and especially a mom to a little girl! Our days are full of tea parties and drama and babies and Barbies and Princesses and I. LOVE. IT.

Chloe, here’s a few things you’re doing at THREE years old!

  • You love to play pretend. Dress up, Barbies, Princess, Dolls- it doesn’t matter. You just love to use your imagination and are so funny when you do!
  • You love to learn new things! You can write your name and know all of your letters (except V and Z- those are still hard for you). You are (already) starting to make connections about reading- that letters make up words. I really think you’ll be reading before Kindergarten.
  • You have such a tender, caring heart. You love to help me with Jack and help your teachers with the “babies” at MDO. If you think you accidentally hurt your brother, you will say “Awww Bud, I’m sorry. Are you ok?” in your sweet little voice. That melts my heart. You have yet to act out in anger and hit someone or hurt them in some way. I hope you always stay this sweet.
  • You still make up words when you don’t quite know what word to say. You say “binosaur” for binoculars, “dingo” for bingo, “stressable” for stressed, and “coffzies” for coughs.
  • When you know you’re about to get in trouble, you say “I miss my daddy” or “I miss my Cookie” because you know they will save you!
  • You are still a picky eater. Your favorite things are anything chocolate, CFA nuggets, pizza, bananas, cheese, quesadillas, and apples.
  • Your favorite place to eat is Chuy’s and you clap when we pull into the parking lot {for our weekly visit}. I taught you well :)
  • You are in the 50% for height and weight- 33 pounds and 37 inches. Dr. D still thinks you’ll be tall!

There are a hundred more things that I could list about you, Chloe. You are my little {getting bigger every day} princess and I just don’t want you to grow up this fast! Before I know it you’ll be going off to college {I can’t even think about that right now}. Your daddy and I pray for you all the time. We pray that you grow up to trust Jesus as your Savior, that you marry a Godly man {we’re praying for him already too}, and that God will use you to touch many more lives like you’ve touched ours. You’re one-of-a-kind and I am so blessed that God chose me to be your mommy and I thank Him every day for the blessing of you in my life. I love you more than you’ll ever know, Chloe Lauren! Happy 3rd Birthday!

P.S. Will you slow down a little bit for me, sweetie? I don’t want to even think about you turning 4!

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  1. March 3, 2011 10:32 am

    Those clothes are ridiculously priced for the AG! We figured out that the newborn clothes at Target and Walmart will fit the Bitty Babies, so that’s what we buy if she “needs” a new outfit!

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