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I’m obsessed with J Crew.

March 5, 2011

Someone needs an intervention. Me! I can’t stop shopping at J Crew. Every time I walk in, I find another something that I need! I guess that means I just shouldn’t go anymore. But then I’d shop online anyway, so that’s not a solution. Anyway, here are my favorite must-haves:

I want this shirt to wear with my white skinny jeans. It also comes in a green color called dark seaweed. I need it.

I almost bought this dress for a good friend’s wedding in two weeks, but thought the color might wash me out a little, so I bought a similar one in black. But I love this dress!

This skirt would be so cute with a white tee and some espadrilles. It looks a little short on one of the models, but she looks really tall. Since I’m opposite of both model and tall, I think it’d fall somewhere right above the knee for me.

I bought this Suckered Plaid Shirt because I felt it was calling my name. Then I saw it on a friend’s blog, so I must be doing something right! I love it…brings the flannel/plaid look into spring. I can’t wait to wear it with my denim shorts and Sperrys, or over my new black dress with some fun sandals like these or these.

There are 100 more things I could list! I love getting fashion ideas from others online, so I thought I’d share mine. My favorite spots to look are I like It, I love it, Big Mama’s Fashion Friday, and Cardigan Impire (all are links in the column to the right). I know there are more fashion blogs out there, so tell me if you have one you love!

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