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Mother’s Day and other updates

May 10, 2011

We had a great Mother’s Day! I hope you did, too. We had lunch with Trey’s mom and grandmother, and I wish I could say we relaxed some, but honestly I am too busy these days to relax! We did take a nap which was lovely.

After opening cards and gift (I got the stainless steel food processor that had been on the top of my list for quite some time, so I am VERY excited to put it to good use!), I spent some of the day finishing my student teacher gifts. We have 34 girls graduating and I made each of them a sign as their graduation gift. They were a lot of work but worth it! Here’s one of the finished signs:

I opened up a little Etsy shop just in case anyone else wanted to order a sign for a classroom, kid’s room, etc. You can visit it at I’ll hopefully add other stuff at some point, but for now, it’s just the teacher signs.

On Sunday evening, we went for our first swim of the season! BURRRRRR. I didn’t get all the way in. It was {quite} chilly. But Chloe, Jack, and T didn’t seem to mind. So, our pool is officially OPEN and ready for friends! Chloe was so excited. It’s been so hot, hopefully it will warm up the water and I’ll be able to actually get in. I’m ready for pool time!


I sure did miss seeing my mom on Mother’s Day, but she’s on her way here right now! She’s helping me get ready for BIRTHDAY weekend! Can you believe it’s here?? My Jack is 5 days away from turning ONE. This year has been full of wonderful moments and some tough ones too, and we made it through them all!

We have FOUR parties on Saturday- Jack’s, Mia’s, Owen’s, and then a baby shower! YIKES! It is going to be a very crazy day, but we are ready. Can’t wait to post pictures from Jack’s Flapjack party. It’s coming together and we are going to have so much fun!

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