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Happy {and sad} Birthday to Jack

May 16, 2011
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Well, today’s post was supposed to be a big re-cap of the fun party and birthday weekend. Here is where I was going to tell you how the party went off without a hitch, that Jack was so cute blowing out his 1st birthday candle, and then I would show you tons and tons of pictures of the cute decor and yummy breakfast foods, etc. But, instead of all of this fun stuff, we spent the weekend cuddling with one sick boy.

Friday afternoon Jack woke up from a four-hour nap with 103.7 fever. We were at the doctor late that evening (thank goodness for long hours at our pedi’s office) to find out he had a throat infection, thrush, and his ear infections were still going strong. Poor boy- Dr. D said we were making him work for his money that night. He {strongly} recommended canceling the birthday party to prevent other kids from catching his stuff. So…our weekend ended up with no party and a pretty miserable boy on his birthday.

Of course we had bought all of the groceries, cupcakes, etc. on Friday, so we still had my parents and Trey’s parents over to enjoy breakfast. We had 24 cupcakes from Society Bakery, and there are only 3 1/2 left!  I’d say we did pretty good getting rid of all the food and dessert.

So, the birthday weekend didn’t go as planned, but that is just life with kids! I got some great cuddling and sleeping-on-mommy time, and I’m thankful that he’s feeling better today.

Jack- I can’t believe you’re one! Our little family was blessed with such a sweet, happy little boy one year ago. I can’t imagine my life without you. Seeing your flirty smile and amazing blue eyes make my heart so happy. Here are a few things that you’re doing at ONE year old.

  • You love your mommy, daddy, and sister, and you always want one of us around to hold you and play with you.
  • You are starting to really talk! You can say mama, dada, tata (what you call Chloe), go, Jack, ba (book), ma (milk and more), ca-ca (cracker), but mainly you just babble on like you are in some important conversation that we can’t understand!
  • You are EVERYWHERE. So different from your sister. You love to crawl on the couch, the bed, the chairs… I even found you trying to get up on the fireplace the other day! I really have to keep my eyes on you all the time. Your favorite things to get into are Boots’ food and water, Chloe’s kitchen stuff, and pulling out the clothes in our closet drawers. You are pulling up and cruising everywhere, but you have yet to let go and take any steps. It won’t be long!
  • You love to eat. Your favorites are bananas, prunes, cheese sticks, chicken nuggets (just the meat, you peel off the breading), tortillas (like your sister), pancakes, strawberries, and yogurt.
  • You are on a sippy cup full time now- you transitioned from formula and bottle to milk in a sippy cup so easily, just like Chloe. You are drinking 4 sippy cups of whole milk every day- you love that stuff!
  • You are taking two 2 hour naps every day, and sleep at night from 8pm-7am when you’re not sick. When your sick, we’re up with you a lot because you just can’t get comfortable. We’ve spent a lot of nights holding you lately, but I don’t mind because I know you’ll be too big to hold one of these days!
  • You love your new big boy car seat, but you’re still facing backwards because you only weigh 18 pounds. Skinny little man!
  • Our favorite nicknames for you are Jackie (Chloe calls you this) and Jack-Jack, but we also call you Bud or Buddy and Little Prince.

I love you more than words can say, sweet boy, and I am so thankful God chose me to be your mommy.

I took these pictures of Jack the day before his birthday before he got sick. I will always remember spending some good alone time with him that morning while my mom had Chloe. Because he was having a flapjack party, I took him to Waffle House to take his pictures. He was just so happy and we had so much fun together. I love this boy with all my heart!


His outfit is from the Etsy shop Mama Runs with Scissors. Love it!!

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  1. May 16, 2011 10:35 pm

    So sad he is sick! And on his birthday!! The pictures are so cute!


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