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Boys will be boys.

July 22, 2011

Jack just turned 14 months! Oh this boy. He is ALL boy and it is making this Momma tired! It is just so crazy how different boys are from girls. But, I am loving every minute of this age. It is so much fun!

He LOVES being outside. He can say the word and says it at least 100 times a day. He will go over to the window/door and point and say “outside”! It doesn’t matter what we do- swimming, crawling in the grass, playing ball, or riding in Chloe’s Barbie Jeep- he just wants to be outside. I really want to get him a sand/water table so that we have one more thing to keep him occupied.

Here he is having a good time outside with his boy cousins in San Angelo. He not only played in the dirt but ate some too :)

He is cruising everywhere but has yet to take any steps. He is so fast crawling that I think he’s decided he doesn’t need to walk. Sounds like some other kid I know. Chloe started walking at 17 months so we still have a few before I’ll start to get worried. He’ll do it when he’s ready and when he does I’ll be chasing him around even more than I already do!

A few more things about Jack at 14 months:

  • He now loves to use a fork and spoon and wants one every time he eats. He is not really good at getting the food in his mouth, it is more about playing with it!
  • He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. That is the only thing he will sit and watch.
  • He is adding new words all the time! His newest words include hot, cookie, dandy, noni, and ball.
  • He still loves to give kisses. Now he will hold a stuffed animal or doll and rock it and kiss it. So cute.
  • He makes the “vroom” sound anytime he has a truck or car in his hands and he loves to crash the cars together.
  • He is hilarious. He already knows how to make us laugh with his silly faces and funny sounds. He has the best belly laugh!
  • I read him Goodnight Moon every night because he will fuss if I pick up any other book. He loves that book, just like his sister did.
  • He sleeps with his blanket, his cow, his elephant, his passy, and yes, his ya-ya. We have continued the ya-ya tradition and he is completely attached. He sleeps from 8pm to {PRAISE THE LORD} 7:30am most mornings.
  • He still takes two naps a day. He is always ready for them and wakes up happy.

We are having a blast with this boy at 14 months! We love you, Jack!

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