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Meeting my newest “nephew”

July 22, 2011

I finally got to hold sweet Tripp tonight! He is home from the hospital and is doing so good. I waited long enough; he turned 3 weeks old last Wednesday! He is just about the cutest thing ever. Do you see that dark hair?! Oh he was so snuggly after his bedtime feeding… it almost makes me want another one. But not really. Why would I want that? I’ll just snuggle with Tripp when I need a fix!


After officially meeting the newest little addition to our crew, Tripp’s mom and I headed out for a much-needed pedicure. The last one we had was {together} the week before Tripp arrived. We have recently found our new favorite spot- Hawaiian Nail Bar! They stay open late (like midnight late, perfect for moms) and have all sorts of crazy pedicure options. Today I opted for the one called “Strawberry Margarita.” It was fab. I will say that at one point we thought Jenn’s pedicurist (is that a word? it should be.) was MIA, then she returned minutes later eating a sandwich. After stuffing the last bit into her mouth, she continues with Jenn’s pedicure with no wash of the hands or care in the world. It was a little strange. But whatever. We got some good girl time and my toes look exceptionally pretty for my anniversary date tomorrow night.

Among the many things we discussed tonight, one is sticking in my head. Jenn says that on their way home from the hospital with Tripp, Richard comments how they all of a sudden “feel old…like Clemens’ old” now that they have two kids. THIS IS SO TRUE. Having two in tow somehow puts you into categories like “we are our parents!” and  “we are in this for the long haul!”  I’m not sure why having 2 kids makes us old, but it does! Well, welcome to the “old” club, guys. It’s not so bad. 

Oh, and we talked about how we are officially a “Party of 8”. Can you imagine?

“Yes, seating for 8. 4 adults. 2 boosters. 2 kids menus. 1 high chair. 1 sling. Preferably in a tucked away corner. Oh, and a very, very patient waiter, thankyouverymuch. No, it’s not anyone’s birthday. We just want to go to dinner!”

Oh my word we are officially old.


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  1. Jenn permalink
    July 23, 2011 7:34 am

    I am happy to be old with you! Thanks for some good girl time!

  2. July 23, 2011 10:21 am

    Awe, sweet sweet baby boy!! I guess we will be joining the “feeling old” group soon :)

  3. Kim Ege permalink
    July 26, 2011 10:16 am

    Haha – I had a much needed laugh at the last part of your post! Seems like a lot of our friends here have 3 kids and since we just joined that group too, I just know what you mean about going out to eat. We carefully pick the places we go when we bring the kids!! Good to keep up with you on your blog!


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