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Weekend Update

August 7, 2011

First off I must tell you that the BBQ crock pot chicken and the cauliflower recipes I found on Pinterest were just okay, but definitely not blog-worthy. I am still pinning new recipes and can’t wait to find another great one like the taquitos. We had them for lunch from the freezer yesterday and they were just as great as they were fresh.

We went to Torchy’sagain on Friday night and vowed never to go there again in the evenings when it is this hot outside. Their location is just so that the west sun perfectly beats down on their two walls of floor-to-ceiling windows. That plus the apparent lack of a good AC unit has turned us away for dinner any time soon. So, while I still recommend Torchy’s and I constantly crave their Trailer Park taco {trashy style!}, I will say that if you go there in the evenings, plan on sweating through dinner. Ugh.

After dinner we came home, put the kids to bed, and….

watched Dateline. Oh my word we are an old married couple!

Saturday was such a relaxing day. We both worked out (I love my early Saturday morning walk/run at the gym) and then spent the rest of the day playing and getting the house ready for company. The Dempseys came over for a swim and cookout and Raider Wraps were on the menu. What are Raider Wraps? Well, that’s a post for another day. But they were fabulous, along with a new twist on chips and queso. E made homemade guacamole and for the first time ever, Chloe asked for seconds {and thirds} of something green. It was such a fun night with good friends.

Today the whole family slept until SEVEN FORTY FIVE! Y’all, that is a record and we all needed it. Now we are having another lazy day with nothing on the agenda other than church this evening.

I love weekends.


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