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Weekend Update {birthday edition}

August 15, 2011
Untitled inspiration

Source: via Sherry on Pinterest

Well, folks, I’m officially in my thirties. Thirty-one to be exact. We had the best weekend celebrating with all of my favorites.

My mom flew in Thursday and we spent the day planning our crafting weekend. I love to boss my mom around when she’s here (love you mom!) and this weekend I was planning on asking her to making her sew a few things for me. I wanted a diaper & wipes carrier for Jack, and I also wanted her to help me with lining my make-up drawer. Remember Project Organization? The make-up drawer reveal is coming soon!

So, our first destinations were JoAnns and City Craft. Oh, City Craft! I had heard about it from the girls at Dallas Mom’s Blog but I had no idea that every single fabric in that place was to die for! We had fun picking out material for our projects. Then mom fixed a yummy dinner of this pork tenderloin she found on Pinterest, roasted asparagus, smashed potatoes, and the best rolls on the planet.

Friday was my first day back as an adjunct professor for TAMU-Commerce. I am a liaison between a local school district and the student teachers that are finishing up their teaching degrees in May. It is such a fun job and I work with some wonderful ladies! My mom kept the kids, so after we got home we took her to… TORCHY’s! I know, I vowed we wouldn’t go there in the evening. That lasted a week. What can I say? My mom hadn’t been there so I knew we had to introduce her to their irresistable tacos. And, because it was overcast, it wasn’t that hot inside. Yay. My dad got in late Friday night and we had so much fun discussing the Aggies possible move to the SEC. CRAZINESS. I had my eyes glued to the Twitter feed ALL WEEKEND. We shall see, right?

Saturday {b-day} was super relaxing and tons of fun. Highlights include: yummy coffee, waffles, surprise fabulous gift from T, cards (including some birthday cash!), Nordstrom, In-N-Out, more shopping with mom while the kids were with the guys (yes!), a second trip to City Craft, Sonic Happy Hour (of course), Anthropologie where I picked up a shirt on sale and a new pair of skinny jeans (oops!), dinner with my sister and her family (and another new Anthro shirt, thanks Ames!), and sewing late into the night. It was a great day!

Here’s Jack’s finished diaper & wipes clutch. It turned out so cute, don’t you think? We used this blog tutorial.

Today we officially joined our church. We feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing community of believers and we can’t wait to get plugged in even more. For a while now we have felt led to minister to young couples, so we have committed to serve in their engaged/young married ministry starting in September. We are looking forward to serving together and can’t wait to see what God has planned.

My birthday weekend = awesomesauce. Even though I still feel like I should be twenty-something, I’m loving this stage of life. I know this year will bring many ups and down {as always} but I am thankful for another year of growing with the Lord, loving my husband, raising my kids, and spending time doing the things I love with the people I love! It’s going to be a great year!

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  1. August 15, 2011 9:02 am

    What a great birthday weekend!! Very cute diaper and wipes clutch.

  2. August 15, 2011 9:29 pm

    I’m so glad that you had such a great birthday weekend! I am loving your new word awesomesauce and am anxious to check out this new fabric place that you mentioned. I am getting into sewing more and have been looking for some really fun fabrics to play with. Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!

    Love the quote on the bottle cap! So true!

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