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September 4, 2011

Well, folks, we’re 1-0.  Undefeated this season. Hopefully it will stay that way for a while. Trey and Richard are driving back from the game right now; I’m sure they had a great time at their first game as season ticket holders. Jenn and I got together and ordered pizza for us and the kids. I can’t say we watched much of the game. I never thought I’d be ok with that, but with four kids needing our attention, we just can’t seem to focus for more than a few seconds on any one thing! I did see a couple of our touchdowns and kept up with the score throughout the game. Thank goodness it wasn’t a nail-biter.

After the kids had gone to sleep we were talking and supposedly watching the game but at one point realized the game was over and we were watching some post-game show~ we hadn’t even seen the final score. Oops! Our husbands would not be proud, but we must have been talking about something super important like breastfeeding or vacations or donuts. This is precisely why the boys are going to be so happy to not have to hear our girl talk during the seven home games. As for the away games, we’re not making any promises.

Of course, we had our Aggie gear ready to go for the first game of the season! 

Hope your Labor Day is relaxing and fun! We plan on being poolside all day enjoying the COOL weather. I’m making Pioneer Woman’s Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork {again, this time for sliders} and some Salted Caramel Brownie Bites I found on Pinterest. I’ll let you know how the brownies turn out!


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