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Taylor Swift comes to Big D!

October 10, 2011

If you’ve spent any time with Chloe, you know her very favorite thing to do is sing, dance, and perform! From when she was 18 months old or so, she started picking up words of songs, especially anything Taylor Swift. Now she can belt out the entire lyrics of many of her songs. So, when I saw that her Speak Now tour was coming through Dallas, I knew we had to take Chloe!

All week Chloe kept saying, “it’s the first concert I ever had!” She was counting down the days. I told her my first concert was New Kids on the Block, so all week she’d get her pretend iPhone and say, “Mom, I can’t find any Kids on the Red Block for you to listen to.” She is so darn cute.

Saturday finally came and she had a blast. Instead of doing a lot of dancing and singing during the concert like I thought she would, Chloe was just enamored by it all. She just stared at the stage or the big screen and watched. Taylor Swift put on a great show, and her special guest was B.o.B. They sang the song “Airplanes” together and Taylor sang an acoustic version of Don Henley’s Boys of Summer. Oh, that was so good. The rest of the songs were either her big hits or the new ones from her Speak Now album. She ended with Chloe’s favorite song “Love Story”. It was such a fun night!

Here are a few pics from Chloe’s first concert!

We stopped to eat at Whataburger before the concert. I know, so exciting. We were going to eat somewhere more fun, but the traffic getting to the concert was insane. The Rangers playoff game was going on, too, plus a crazy thunderstorm was coming our way.

Here’s Chloe right before Taylor came on stage! She was SO excited!




This is my favorite picture from the night- Chloe doing the Taylor Swift heart with her hands. Love this girl!


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  1. Auntie Amy permalink
    October 10, 2011 9:58 am

    Chloe is doing small claps!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!


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