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Weekend Update {overdue!}

October 25, 2011

Well I know it’s Tuesday and the weekend is long-gone, but we had a busy and fun one so I wanted to share!

We headed to Torchy’s for our usual Friday night family dinner. Yum. After devouring their fabulous queso, we ran into Dick’s for some running Gu. I also tried on a running skirt and I think I am in love. I didn’t buy it {I’m out of “fun” money, which should be no surprise to anyone that knows me well… I spend it immediately!} but it is now on my list of things I want. Anway, we got home, put the kids to bed, and I got on the computer to return a couple of e-mails. Trey came in the guest room {where our computer is} and asked if I wanted to go watch something on the DVR together. So, I wrapped up my e-mails, got all comfy on the couch and looked up at the TV to see what we were going to watch- The Office, The Good Wife, or another of our weekly shows. Well, I have the best hubs ever, because the menu for “Something Borrowed” was on the screen because he went and bought the movie for me! Wahooo. Major deposit in the love account. So, I cuddled with my man watching one of my favorite movies. Thanks, T!

Saturday morning Trey had his 10 mile run {yay, Trey!}, and then I worked the AMFAR (Aids Research) 2X2 event that night. My friend works for a catering company owned by Eatzi’s in Dallas. For the last two years I’ve worked the AMFAR party with her- it is a huge fundraising event in Dallas with all VIP/high-profile attendees. This year’s guest list included Kenneth Cole, Jerry Jones, Stanley Tucci, and Patti LaBelle. It is just so fun to be at an event like that, but it is definitely eye-opening to the rich, famous, and worldly. Y’all. Talk about total culture shock. Anyway, I made enough money in those few hours to pay for a new camera lens and a pair of TOMS. {These items were on my list before the running skirt. And, btw, my list is long!}

Sunday morning came fast. I only got 5 hours of sleep. UGH! But, I did it! We even ran an extra mile to beat Trey, so we ran ELEVEN miles. What in the world? I am still struggling with leg soreness today. After the run I went to Good 2 Go Taco. Y’all. Their breakfast tacos are FAB. Especially after burning like 1,000 calories. I will be a frequent Sunday morning customer, that is for sure!

We went to the 11 am church service where Todd brought it once again. I love our pastor. God uses him to speak to my heart every single week. I am just in awe of God for putting us in such an incredible church. You can go here to listen to his sermon on John 6 about grace. Watermark also has a free iPhone app where you can listen to previous messages. I did this a lot when I was running on the treadmill last winter.

Sunday evening was Lola’s birthday party. Two bounce houses, chili, and cupcakes- what could be more fun?! Holly’s decorations were too cute and we had such a good time with our friends.

Whew! What a weekend.

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