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Good for the soul.

November 8, 2011

Dallas has definitely become home. Remember this post? I love it here, and I honestly can’t imagine raising our family anywhere else. It is perfect for us, for now, and we don’t plan on moving unless God calls us to do that someday.

But there are two places that I still call home besides Big D, and I got to visit them both a couple of weeks ago. These two places {San Angelo and College Station} are very near and dear to my heart, and both places are just good for my soul. My soul needed some refreshing, and these visits were perfect for that.

First, while T was working in D.C., I spent a few days with my family in West Texas. I went to surprise my sister for her birthday, visit with my parents and grandparents, and spend time with my great-aunt who was in town. My momma’s cooking + good visits with family + watching the Rangers with my dad {even though we lost} = perfection. Driving back, I snapped a couple of pictures and sent them to Trey with a text that read “We will have a house out here someday.” That is definitely a dream, to buy land and a house out that way, somewhere between Dallas and San Angelo. It would be a place to visit on the weekends and spend holidays. I’m glad I married a man who loves to dream and loves West Texas almost as much as me. Anyway, here are a few pictures from my visit.

My beautiful momma and Chloe.

Here’s Chloe with my favorite Great-Aunt Rita. She is a blessing to be around. And the way my kids adore her remind me of how much I adored her as a child. She used to take me to McDonald’s and buy me Happy Meals. She is my favorite aunt for a reason. ;)

This is the birthday girl with my grandmother and mother. I love that we got to spend her birthday together eating Mexican food and playing with her new Cricut.

These are the iPhone pics I took of the sunrise and sky out west. It is even bigger and more beautiful in person. If you’re not from there, you’ll probably think it’s nothing special. But don’t tell me that, because I love this place.




I can totally picture myself sitting on the front porch of some beautiful ranch house in West Texas- sipping my yummy coffee and enjoying the amazing sunrise and the big sky. Wanna come?

Stay tuned for part 2- a quick visit to Aggieland!

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