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Compassion Bloggers in Ecuador

November 10, 2011

Oh my word, y’all. Have you been reading these blog posts? My favorite bloggers {Big Mama, Boo Mama, Amanda, & Kelly} are all in Ecuador visiting with Compassion kids, and I’ve had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes reading each of their posts. I am so jealous that Melanie got to meet her Compassion child, Heydi. It makes me want to get on a plane to Togo today to meet our Honorine.

And reading this post about Amanda’s new sponsor child, Jhon? I want to sponsor a little boy just like him. I already looked up a boy with Jack’s birthday, because Honorine has Chloe’s birthday.

If you haven’t been following these ladies, you should. They are such an inspiration as to why sponsoring a child is HUGE. It’s HUGE for them, but it is also HUGE for us. For me. For my kids. Teaching them that this world is broken and we are to be Jesus to those less fortunate.

Sponsor a child today!

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