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In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas.

November 28, 2011

We had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving {except for a trip to Children’s ER and the last second loss to the longhorns. boo.} Chloe got a stomach bug and for 36 hours she could not hold anything down. The doctor’s office was worried about dehydration, so we were at the ER by 6:30am on Thanksgiving morning. It turned out she was dehydrated, but with some Zofran she was able to hold down liquids there and didn’t need an IV {praise the LORD}. We were home by 10am and she spent the rest of the day sleeping. By the evening she perked up and was 100% by Friday morning. I am so thankful she wasn’t sick all weekend.

After a few hours of sleep {and the horrible Aggie game} , Jenn and I headed out early on DAT {Day-After-Thanksgiving} for the sales. We got to Target and there was literally no one there. Because they opened at midnight, the crazy crowd had moved on somewhere else. It was great! We shopped there for a couple of hours and pretty much cleaned the place out. Ha! We were definitely bad influences on each other, but most of the shopping was done for our kids. Oh, except for the part where we bought the same pair of boots at Nordstrom. Not sure how we ended up at Northpark…it was to go to Gap for kids clothes, I think? Oops! Oh, and I did buy these for myself, too! Whoops!


So… maybe it was a little more about me this DAT. I did manage to finish the kids and work on a few other presents too, so I’m saying it was a {very} successful shopping day.

Yesterday we put up the tree and decorated the inside of the house. We need to do the outside still which will include a call to Juan, our lawn man, to hang up the lights. He’ll do that and bag all the leaves for $50. That is $50 well spent, my friends.

It’s definitely feeling like Christmastime. This week I’ve got to figure out what outfits I need for our 4th annual trip to D.C. while also finishing up my last week of work for the semester and getting ready for the half marathon on Sunday! It’s going to be a busy week!

Yay for Christmastime!


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