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We got an upgrade.

January 10, 2012

Well folks. Here I am typing my first post from our new iPad. Love it but definitely going to need to get one of those wireless keyboards! It is so much more fun blogging from the living room on our comfy leather chair instead of from the guest room on our computer from 1972. Thank you, Pops!

We’ve had a great start to the new year, although our little man has had a few accidents to start 2012. First, he got this injury playing outside with his new strider bike. We just took his helmet off and he tripped. Poor baby!


Then, y’all. My scariest moment ever happened. Seriously, I have never been more shaken up than I was yesterday. I was cleaning our bathroom and was about to get in the shower to clean it and I hear the loudest crash right next to me. Jack somehow knocked our heavy, full-length mirror over and it came crashing down onto the tile floor. Right. On. Top. Of. Him. Like I had to lift it and huge pieces of glass away before I could pick up my baby.


Oh it was awful. I just started screaming and asking him if he was ok. I was searching everywhere for blood, a cut, a bump…. y’all there was not one scratch on his sweet body. All I have to say is that I know Jesus protected him in that moment. I stripped his clothes off and kept looking to make sure he was ok, and he never even cried! He kept saying “o-kay, o-kay” like he wanted me to know he really was ok. I was a basket case. I called Trey and told him it was because of God’s grace that I called him and not 911. I get teary just thinking about it. I am just so thankful that the Lord protected him. It could have been awful.

It took me two full hours to clean up all the glass and then I still had to clean the shower! What a mess. But, other than those mishaps, we’re doing ok!

I don’t start work for another week, so it still feels like we are on break. The kids have been going to school, though, so I’ve been getting a few things done while kid-free. This includes painting the armoire I bought back in the fall… all it needs is hardware and then it will be moved to the master bathroom! After pics coming soon!

Lots of cleaning, organizing, purging, and cooking are on the to-do list for January. I’ve got our meals planned out and Jenn and I did some freezer swap cooking as well! I read this post by Edie and it made me even more ready to seize January! Here’s to the new year!

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