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Weekend Update {I know it’s Monday. Sorry.}

February 6, 2012

Whew! What a weekend! Jack and I both were a little under the weather on Thursday, but our colds were thankfully short-lived!

On Saturday we dropped the kids off at Trey’s mom’s and had a whopping 20 hours all to ourselves! What did we do? Well, first we waited around for the FedEx guy so we could set up the new computer and it is truly fabulous. I don’t have a clue about what I’m doing with a Mac but I’ve already learned a ton and I am loving it. LOVING it. It is SO FAST. Which makes it clear that I was seriously using a computer from the dinosaur ages. Mr. Mac is my new BFF. It’s like we were MFEO {remember that from Sleepless in Seattle, anyone?}.

So, after that, we took advantage of no kids and did a few things just for us- shopping at Northpark was first on the list. Trey and his responsible self had advised me that I need to be thinking about the beach when I do my shopping, so I purchased three cute things from J Crew with my February fun money and leftover Christmas gift cards.

{Exhibit A- and yes, they are neon pink and I love them}

{Exhibit B}

I really want to wear this shirt with a pair of kelly green jeans. But I don’t want to pay $108 for them at JCrew. Any ideas? And BTW am I too old to wear colored jeans? Ok don’t answer that.

Anyway, I’ve got a good start to my beach look. Sad that I can’t wear them now, but I’ll be happy when I have new outfits for Destin!

After shopping, we saw an early movie {Contraband- it was great but had way too many f bombs. Seriously. Like every other word.} Then we headed out to try a new taco place- Velvet Taco. You guys know how much I love Torchy’s Tacos, so we were definitely comparing them from the minute we stepped in! VT was great- I got a grilled shrimp and a pork taco, and we shared the side of corn, which was amazing. My tacos were great and I’ll definitely go back, but Torchy’s is still my numero uno.

We stayed up late Saturday night and slept until EIGHT IN THE MORNING on Sunday. Praise the Lord! Then we went to try another new restaurant because we are all about taking advantage of having no children! We ventured over to Bishop Arts District to eat at Oddfellows, a place we had passed by on our way to Tillman’s many times.

We had great conversation over that cute and yummy latte, gingerbread pancakes, monkey bread, biscuits and gravy, and a green chile scramble. {Yes, we had enough food to feed an army. And yes, it hurt going to the gym today.} We will definitely be back there too! We saw lots of families there, so next time we’ll bring the kids.

After getting the kids back, we started cooking for the Superbowl! We count the Superbowl as our anniversary with our best friends, and this made 9 years, y’all! We had a great time watching the game talking about decorating and kids and life!

It was another great weekend, and now that I have Mr. Mac, you’ll {hopefully} be seeing more often!



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  1. February 7, 2012 8:19 am

    a) yay for your mac! we are a converted family to apple and we will never look back.
    b) i am in love with your checkered shirt.
    c) i will now try velvet tacos because of your review. i haven’t yet because i hate the name :)
    d) oddfellows! isn’t it cute?
    have a great week!!!!

    • February 7, 2012 9:19 am

      I know, VT? Seriously? I had no idea until we looked it up on Urban Dictionary! TERRIBLE NAME for a restaurant.

      Yay for Oddfellows- loved it- especially the decor and overall feel. We almost tried SMOKE. Have you been there?

  2. February 7, 2012 3:34 pm

    Yeah for superbowl #9! Thanks for hosting a good time and YUMMY food! We know who won the game, so that totally counts as watching!

  3. February 8, 2012 1:08 pm

    What a great weekend with no kids!!

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