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February 14, 2012
Source: via Sherry on Pinterest

I am so thankful that I have had a built-in Valentine for many, many years.

It’s our 11th Valentines together, and we’ve had some crazy ones, that’s for sure. On our first Valentine’s, back in 2002 {yes, we are old}, I surprised T with tickets to see his all-time, favorite person Michael Jordan play in a NBA game in Chicago. He had always wanted to see him play and I knew his NBA career was close to an end {he was already playing for the Wizards}, so I knew we had to do it! He was shocked and SO excited. Well, we found out a week before we were supposed to go that MJ got hurt. We went anyway, but he was not even at the game. We should have known then that Valentine’s might not be our best holiday. Here we are enjoying some Chicago-style pizza! We look like kids!

Then, there was Valentine’s 2009 which includes the Story of the ShamWows. That’s a good one if you haven’t read it yet.

Well, Valentine’s 2012 has not been kind to us either. We went out for our Valentine’s date on Friday. We had a nice dinner at a fun restaurant, but it went downhill from there. Without going into tons of detail {so I don’t bore you}, it involved driving waaay out of the way to try a dessert place that ended up being a dump {even though it was voted best dessert by D Magazine in 2010. Still trying to figure that one out.}. Then we would have tried going around the corner to Tillman’s, but on our way we realize that they don’t have Trey’s favorite dessert anymore and because I don’t like chocolate, there wasn’t anything on the menu for me. So, we finally decide on another restaurant for dessert, we turn around {for the 100th time that night}, arrive, valet park and get inside, only to realize there is a 45 minute wait and our movie starts in a little over an hour. Boo. So we leave that place, head up to the mall where the movie is, order an okay dessert and a less than perfect latte, get in line WAY to early for the movie, wait in line 10 minutes, decide that we’d rather be in bed, get a refund for our tickets, drive home and are in bed by 9:45. Ha!! On a night where our sweet friends and Noni were watching the kids overnight, we were in bed by 9:45. Hilarious? Yes, but completely frustrating at the time. The rest of the weekend was crazy too- we got stuck in traffic for an hour and then right after getting out of the traffic {and missing my sweet nephew’s birthday party}, T gets pulled over. Praise the Lord he just got a warning {he’s never had a ticket} but all we could do was laugh about the fact that nothing was going right for us!

Of course, in the end, it is the best just being together even if nothing goes as planned. But tonight, just in case, we are staying put by the fire with Papa John’s pizza and a good chick flick. I’m letting T chose between The Notebook and Pride & Prejudice! Aren’t I nice?! Good thing my Valentine likes a good chick flick. Or at least he pretends he does, and that, my friends, is true love.

And I couldn’t leave you without a picture of my other two sweeties!

Happy Valentine’s Day from us to you!

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