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Weekend Update.

March 5, 2012

We had a nice weekend!

Friday night was Parents’ Night Out at the kids’ school, so we double-dated with Jenn and Rich. We went to Torchy’s {it was Friday and all} and then saw the new Reese Witherspoon movie This Means War. It was a cute movie and a really fun night!

You know you’re best friends when you buy colored jeans on the same day without even knowing it. Aren’t her yellow ones fab?!

Saturday we did a few things around the house and had friends over for burgers that night. One of the friends was able to recover all of my pictures, music, and documents off of the old Dell. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Sam! {and Mandy for staying up super late!!}

Sunday was a great day of worship at church and lunch/fellowship with some of our community group. Then we played at the park and enjoyed the beautiful spring-like weather!

On Sundays, I always look forward to Jeannett’s Sunday Smiles. Here is what she posted yesterday:

What a great reminder, right? And she also linked to this blog post that was a perfect read. It’s about what God has been really laying on my heart lately through my time with Him, BSF, and church ~ that this world is not our home. Go read it if you have time!

Last night we welcomed T’s dad to Dallas for the week! He is here for some training and will actually be staying with us quite a bit over the next few months. We are thrilled to be spending some quality time with him. I love having house guests, and especially ones that like to drink coffee with me in the morning since T doesn’t drink it!! So, lots of Pops time is to be had this week and we are all excited!


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