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Thursday Thoughts {it’s been a week, oops!}

March 29, 2012

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So sorry for the blogging drought but we have just had lots of “life” going on the last seven days!

  • Chloe’s tonsils/adenoids removal today went great. She has been groggy and uncomfortable, but we are staying on top of the pain medicine, popsicles, and ice cream! I’ve heard it will be a few days at least until she is back to normal, so we’ll be watching plenty of Barbie movies and lying low for the next week or so. Here she is before and after the “silly juice” they gave her. She was making us laugh and was so brave when they wheeled her away!
  • We’ve had sweet friends and family help with Jack, bring stuffed animals, deliver Tiff’s Treats, bring dinner for tonight, and more. We’ve also gotten a bajillion texts, fb comments, etc… so thank you very much for taking care of us! We are so thankful for your thoughts and prayers for our Sweet Chloe.
And here are a few more thoughts for you this Thursday.
  • I LOVED the Hunger Games. Did I like it as much as the book? Um, no, but I still loved it. The book just has so much more to it. But it we had a great time going on opening night with good friends.
  • I LOVED the Mad Men season premiere! I especially loved that it was two hours. We deserved that for as long as we had to wait, thankyouverymuch. And I will say I was a little sad that The Former Mrs. Draper did not make an appearance in the premiere. Betty is one of my favorite characters so I will be ready for her to be back this week, I hope!
  • We started leading our second Merge class on Tuesday and we are so excited to have another great group of couples! I know we will {again} learn more about our marriage as we are helping these pre-married couples grow in their relationships with one another and with Christ. I absolutely love this ministry and I am so thankful to be able serve here alongside my man!
  • I bought two new treats from Sephora last week and I am in love with them both. One is a new eye makeup pallet I’d heard a ton about, and I have been having fun watching YouTube videos and playing around with it. Blog post soon!
  • I also decided on a swimsuit. I went with the JCrew one because of the beloved ruching, which is gathered fabric strategically placed to hide *ahem* imperfections and it is like a miracle! Some of you may not need this which makes me not like you at all. :) Anyway, a friend sent me to the JCrew swim section last year when I was shopping around for a swimsuit. I will forever be grateful for her pointing me to their selection of one piece swimsuits with ruching!
  • I’ve had some not-so-glamorous mom moments recently {see pin above} and I’m trying to learn from them. One of these involved being completely stressed out and rude to the kids on the way to Bible study. Mom fail. I then I read this post and the post Ashley linked to on the Mom Heart Blog. It was so good and both posts were just what I needed to hear- that every mom struggles with ugly moments and even better, that I need to check my words constantly. Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? Then don’t say it, Sherry!
  • Ok, y’all. I promise to be better about this here blog! And seriously, I know you’re sick of me talking about it, but the master bedroom is done so I will reveal soon, plus I’ll post about my new makeup find and a few other goodies, too! Anything else y’all would like to hear about? I’m open for post suggestions! Help a sista out!
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  1. March 29, 2012 8:49 pm

    a) oh sherry, i just love you. i can hear you talking when i read your words. that is a gift, my friend.
    b) yay for chloe! i am so glad that part is over for y’all. now on to the recovery!
    c) is it kind? is it true? is it necessary? oh my word, i needed that.
    d) cutest. swimsuit. ever.

    the end.

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