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Back to {normal} life.

April 9, 2012

I feel like we’ve been on a “break” for over a week! Since Chloe’s surgery we haven’t had a normal routine. Last weekend was rough; she felt awful and we even ended up having to call the doctor for some anti nausea medicine on Sunday. Then Tuesday we had the whole 14-tornadoes-touching-down-in-DFW situation which was very stressful! Chloe really didn’t perk up until Thursday, a full week after her surgery. Before that day we had lots and lots of meltdowns {both Chloe and myself, sadly enough}. It was a painful surgery and the recovery was just hard on all of us, especially her. But, since Thursday, Miss Chloe has been back to her normal self. Whew, I’m glad that is behind us! She even felt like getting out Friday for some pizza and walking around in perfect weather at the Arboretum, where she and Jack posed for some cute Easter pics.

And speaking of pictures and perfect weather, my friend Haley took pictures for the Dallas Moms Blog contributors last weekend, and the pictures turned out great!

You can go to the Haley B Photography blog to see a few more! It was so fun meeting the rest of the contributors and taking fun pictures together!

We had a great Easter weekend that included a super-cute 1st birthday party, egg hunting at Noni’s, bringing a friend to our church, a fun brunch with good friends, and lots of playing and relaxing in between it all! We were out in Forney Saturday and drove by the neighborhood that was hit by the tornado. It was so sad to see the homes that were destroyed and damaged, and I just can’t believe that happened less than 2 miles from our old house. My former principal took a picture of the tornado from the parking lot of Henderson {my old school}- so unbelievable. That day I was glad I wasn’t a classroom teacher in Forney, that’s for sure! I’m praying for the kids and teachers at Crosby Elementary who go back to school today; I can only imagine how terrifying it was for everyone involved. It is only because of God’s grace that no one was seriously hurt. It has been awesome to watch their community come together and be there for the affected families. It’s times like this that make me miss living in a smaller town where everyone helps everyone. I’m just so thankful our friends and family were safe!

I always get spoiled having Trey home on a long weekend, and I don’t like that Monday comes so fast! I wish he could hang out with us all the time, but alas, he’s back at work. However, the kids and I get to have a slow start to the week because their school is closed today. So glad we get to ease back into the groove with a day at home. I better get busy making it count!

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  1. April 9, 2012 9:22 pm

    So glad Chloe is feeling better! I still can’t believe that my neighbors have pictures of the tornado from their porches. They are crazy! I was hiding under a mattress in the bathtub until way after the sirens went off!

  2. April 10, 2012 10:42 pm

    I am so, so glad Chloe is better! Poor little girlie!

    We had to pile in the ladies bathroom because there was a tornado reported within 5 miles of our building. I’m going to find an alternate tornado shelter for next time. Gross.

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