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April 13, 2012

Happy Friday! We’ve had a busy week getting back in the swing of things!

Yesterday Chloe had her first swim lesson of the year, and she did AMAZING! She is swimming like  a little fish and can float whenever she needs to get a breath. Although the first 2 years of swim lessons were rough {and I mean rough}, they are really paying off this year because she is swimming so great and having fun! And, because of our pool, I am confident that if she were to fall in she would just float and yell for help! {Not that she’ll ever be outside without me, but still, just another step to help ensure she would be ok.}


We purchased both of our cars from the Sewell dealerships here in Dallas and we will never go anywhere else! They offer free car washes for as long as you own the car, and the Sewell Mini dealership is the perfect one for us to go to! They are set up with kid-friendly fun and there is never a line. Yay for a clean car!


Have I mentioned how much I love this little man’s curls? I cannot cut them. Someday I will. But not today. Or tomorrow.


Mad Men = obsessed. Love me some Draping.


This guy is HILARIOUS lately. One day he walked out of his room with his blankie for a superhero cape {such a boy}, but showed his softer side by taking care of his baby named “Bana”. I am all for him playing with a doll and pushing her around in a stroller- I’m shaping him to be a great daddy one day! And believe me, he loves playing with a ball or a truck more than anything else! I think it’s sweet that he takes care of his baby.


One day I set up a car wash for Jack, and Chloe had just as much fun as he did playing in the water. Thanks, Pinterest, for another grand idea! They were entertained for an HOUR!


Ok that’s it! Looking forward to Parent’s Night Out at their school tonight {we’re trying out a new restaurant}, meeting the Pioneer Woman tomorrow!!, a birthday party, church, and Trey’s dad coming in again on Sunday. It’s gonna be a good one!


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