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Thursday List {two in a row!}

May 3, 2012
  • Oh how I’ve missed the blog world! I haven’t posted since last Thursday and I have over 200 unread posts in my Reader! This girl is just too busy these days. I seriously feel like I’m running around like a crazy person 24/7. And when I’m this busy, the blog world has to go to the side for a while {unfortunately!}. But I’m back, at least for today, to share a few thoughts.
  • We had a great time in San Angelo over the weekend. We went to soccer games, had great Mexican food, and enjoyed time with my parents and nieces. We did get a small glimpse into what it would be like driving to the beach with the kids this year, and I must say I am a little worried. Last year Jack had just turned one and still took two naps and was not near as active as he is now and our trip was PERFECT. Oh my, how things have changed. But, I’ve hit the Dollar Spot at Target twice and have a huge bag filled with bribery. It worked last year, so here’s to hoping it will this year too!
  • We had painters here this week painting trim, the guest bedroom, and the master bathroom. I am in love with this color for the guest room- it’s Chelsea Gray from Benjamin Moore. I’m doing red accents with a blue and red Pottery Barn quilt handed down from Trey’s mom. I’m thinking red book cases from IKEA and a fun red pattern for the curtains and throw pillows…Jenn, I need a design board, mkay?
  • Because the painters came to touch up around our new Master bedroom windows, I’m finally able to put the curtains back up and then I’ll take pics of the room. I’m excited for you to see it- we think it turned out great! {I am aware that I’ve said I’ll post this like 100 million times, but it will happen. Someday soon.}
  • I got BANGS! Haven’t had them, oh, since the third grade?? I think I’m gonna like them, but it’s only day 2!

  • In keeping it real, I need to update you on the skin situation. I am so happy to say that the new birth control {LoEstrin 24 Fe} has cleared up my skin! So, the acne {among many other nasty side effects} was definitely caused by the Mirena IUD. Ladies, don’t say I didn’t warn you! But now I’m dealing with the discoloration and scarring. Anyone have a miracle cream to recommend for that? Lord have mercy, if it’s not one thing, it’s another, right?
  • The month of giving up The Bad Five is over, thank goodness. We definitely cheated {a lot}. I realized that I pretty much eat at least one or two of those 5 things in every meal, so it was really hard to adjust. But it did get us back to eating more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff, so overall I’d say it was a success. And, Trey has maintained his 45 lb weight loss for a year now! I feel like the overall changes we’ve made to our diet and exercise over the last 18 months have really paid off.
  • Did I tell you we’re planning our 10 year anniversary trip? I am oh so excited to get away with my man for 5 whole nights alone! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. We’re headed to New York City and I cannot wait. It will be our second trip there together and we’ve already been planning our days of shopping, dinners, shows, etc. If you live there or have been there, where should we eat? We’re thinking Bar Americain for our anniversary, but we need suggestions for the rest of our trip!
  • Oh these two. I love them. More than I ever thought I could.

I’ve been reading Mom Heart Online {thanks Ashley for introducing me to this site!} for part of my quiet time and Oh. My. Word. If you are a mom and you’re not subscribing, go there now. This post called “Comfort in the Morning” is JUST what my heart needed when I read it yesterday. And this one about our kids and their messes that I read last week? Oh y’all.  After I read it, I even snapped some pictures of the messes in my house. I want to remember the 400 pieces of artwork that somehow always get pulled off of the fridge and scattered all over the kitchen floor, the kitchen table that is seriously never cleaned off completely, and the living room that is scattered with toys. Here’s a quote from that post:

“I’m learning slowly how to let the messes nudge out the decor bit by bit, to let the life of paints and play dough and small armies overtake the place where I wish I could prepare dinner. Over and over again, I know I will scoop up the day, it won’t stop. Sometimes I think the chore of cleaning up after four little ones will last forever… but as the wise women in my life assure me, it won’t. (It really won’t, right?)

When this rhythm fades, when this season is gone, I want the light and memory of what these rooms see and hold to linger with me long after make believe has left our home. I want to leave a memory upon the hearts of my babes too; one that whispers of playfulness and imagination and raucous laughter long into their adult lives.

The memory of a mama delighting sticks.”

That is some good stuff, right?? Here’s to delighting in the mess! Have a great day!

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