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Week at the Beach.

May 20, 2012
Source: via Sherry on Pinterest

Source: via Sherry on Pinterest
Source: via Sherry on Pinterest

Thursday List

May 17, 2012
  • Hi friends! We leave for the beach TOMORROW! If you’re a crazy person who now knows where we live and that we are out of town, beware! We have friends watching the house and a killer watch dog and a crazy alarm system and live on a street with nosy neighbors and potential witnesses. Plus our house doesn’t have anything too nice inside… go somewhere else please!
  • Now that I’ve scared the burglars away, we leave for the beach TOMORROW!!! We are all so excited and just can’t wait to be back in Destin. This year we’re staying at a different house that is ON the BEACH. Oh, yes! I’ll be having my morning coffee on the back porch watching the ocean in two days! YAY! I’m still in crazy packing mode, but the end is in sight and we are almost on VACATION!
  • Jack, Chloe, and I met good friends at the Dallas zoo on his birthday because he’s been BEGGING to go see the elephants and giraffes. Guess what? The elephants and giraffes exhibits were closed. Seriously? What are the odds? I was so bummed because they didn’t put it on their website that we wouldn’t be able to see about 1/2 of the park! We found out later it was due to a water line break or some other emergency, and of course we ended up having a great time. The weather was perfect and Jack loved the riding the “train” and the carousel! However, we will have to go back soon because he is still begging to see the elephants and giraffes! Here’s Jack riding the Monorail. Doesn’t he look like a big boy?? 
  • I made Pioneer Woman’s recipe for spaghetti this week and it was down right amazing. Will I ever try a recipe of her’s I don’t like?? 
  • I bought a pair of spin shoes a couple of weeks ago and they have made all the difference in my spin class. I loved spin before but now that I invested in shoes I am calling myself a legit spinner, even though I only go to spin once a week. I wish I could go more but no other class times work with our schedule. 
  • Speaking of working out, I’m thinking of signing up for the White Rock 1/2 marathon again. Which means I will need to start training again in July. Which kinda makes me excited and kinda makes me want to puke. But it was such an amazing day and I want to do it again without the below 40 degree temps and pouring down rain! I’m going to pray for good weather every single day until the race. Seriously. Anyone want to run with me??
  • Ok, it’s a short list this week! Gotta go pack.  I may or may not have some scheduled posts while we’re gone. If it doesn’t happen, just know I’ll be back sometime soon, blogging with a tan! 

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jack!

May 14, 2012
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Oh, Jack! You are TWO today! Where has the time gone? I remember I found out I was pregnant with you on Friday, September 11, 2009. Your daddy was in LA for work and I couldn’t wait to tell him, so I called him at 6am {which was 4am in California!}. I was in the Starbucks drive through getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte, which by the way would be my last drink of coffee for 9 months because I hated it during pregnancy! Anyway, your daddy was so excited and couldn’t wait to come home. We all went to Tillman’s to celebrate that night after he got back in town.

Then I remember finding out you were a boy. It was Christmas Eve 2009 and we had our sonogram a few days before and had the technician write it in a card. We put Chloe to bed, then sat on the couch and opened up the card, and it said BOY! You should have seen your daddy- he was SO excited saying “yes, yes, YES!!!” I’m so glad you were a boy, too, because we both thought it would be so fun to have one of each!

Then there was the day you were born. May 14, 2010 at 10:01 am. When your sweet blonde head peeked over the curtain, I was instantly and completely in love. I remember just praising God in that moment for blessing me with you. And then they said your weight- NINE pounds even, JUST like your sister! You came out screaming and I wasn’t sure you would ever stop {it took us two rounds of feeding and us all getting settled in our room before you calmed down!}. Now those sweet newborn hospital days seem like ages ago. We brought you home to our new house in Dallas and our little family of four was complete!

Well, it’s TWO years later and I can’t remember life without you. You have brought our family so much joy! Your sister adores you and takes care of you in so many ways. You are each others’ best friend, for sure! Your daddy loves having a boy. You are always playing ball, getting dirty, or carrying around a car or train, and it makes him so happy to have someone to do boy stuff with. And, you know your mommy loves you! Your sweet kisses and “I wove you” make my heart melt. Oh, and the curls. I can’t stand it- you are just so cute.

We pray that you grow up to be a man who puts God first. We pray you lead and serve your wife, love and serve your children, and grow to be a man who seeks God for wisdom in the good times and the bad. But, we also pray that this time of your childhood would go slow so that we can soak in every minute of your innocence.

We love you, Jackie, and can’t wait for all that is ahead in the coming year. Happy Birthday, sweet baby boy!

Jack’s 2nd Birthday Party

May 13, 2012

We had such a great weekend celebrating our little man’s birthday. Friends and family came over Saturday morning for his “Flapjack” themed party. Jack was so excited all of his favorite people were here to celebrate with him!

Jack was sneaking donut holes long before the party officially started.

Here was the spread {muffin and egg/bacon recipes linked here and I’ll post the casserole recipes soon}:

Here’s the Birthday Boy blowing out his candles!

I didn’t get a picture of all of the guests :( but here are some that I did get:

Cookie and Dandy were so happy to have all six grandkids under one roof:

I ordered 40 Instagram prints from Postal Pix and strung them around the house. I think everyone enjoyed seeing pictures of Jack throughout the year!

The police car hasn’t left his hands since opening his presents :)!

Whew! Another successful party has come and gone! I love seeing all of our friends and family in one place at one time. Thanks everyone for celebrating with us! Now for his birthday tomorrow…. the Dallas Zoo with friends, Chuy’s, and a cake from Society Bakery are on the agenda!

Yummy Summer Dessert- Pink Lemonade Pie

May 10, 2012

It feels like summer in Dallas! We’ve had some really nice weather the last few days, but man, last week it was HOT! You’d think we would have gone swimming by now, but the water is still really cold. It won’t be long and we’ll be out there every day!

I shared this recipe a few years ago on the blog, but I thought I’d post it again in honor of the warm, summer-y weather. I will be making this a lot in the coming months. It is so easy and a family favorite, for sure!

Pink Lemonade Pie
1 Graham Cracker Crust
2 pints vanilla ice cream, softened
6 oz can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed
4 oz (1/2 container) frozen whipped topping, thawed
Few drops red food color

Mix ice cream, lemonade concentrate, whipped topping and food color in large bowl. Mound ice cream mixture in crust. Freeze about four hours or until firm. Stand at room temperature a few minutes before cutting.

We are looking forward to this summer! We have lots of fun things planned, but most of all I’m just excited to stray from the busyness of the school year and enjoy some down time. Most days we don’t have anywhere to be {except Sonic Happy Hour}, and that makes this momma SO happy! Bring it on, 100+ temps! We are ready for you!

{PS- Please take me back to this post in August when I am complaining about any of the following: our $500 electric bill, the fact that I can’t wear anything that doesn’t stick to my body the minute I leave the house, and that I can’t wait to get back into our school year routine. I know I’ll need the reminder!}

It’s birthday week for Jack!

May 9, 2012

He is so excited about his birthday! He wakes up every morning saying “My birfday’s comin’ up!” When you ask him what he wants for his birthday, he says Pancakes and Spiderman. He know’s he’s turning two and will try so hard to show us his two with his fingers, even though he can’t get it quite down yet!

I’m so excited for his party this weekend, but a little sad that my baby is going to be two. *Sniff* We’re using the same theme, decorations, and menu as last year {with a few changes to keep it fun!} so it has been fairly easy to get everything ready.

Here’s the menu for Saturday. Oh, yum.

  • Flapjacks and homemade syrup {my daddy’s recipe}
  • Trey’s mom’s cheese casserole {recipe coming}
  • My mom’s sausage egg casserole {a family favorite}
  • Pioneer Woman’s French Breakfast Puffs {we had these for the first time at an Easter brunch and they were so good!}
  • Donut Hole Skewers {from Pinterest!}
  • These “Egg and Bacon” snacks {from Pinterest}
  • Fresh fruit tray

I think that’s it! Whew, I have a lot to do before Saturday morning! I’ve ordered some Instagram prints {are you an Instagram-er? If so, follow me @ssclemens and I’ll follow back!} to string around the house and the kids’ new pajamas came in this week. I’ve finished up his birthday shopping, so now it’s just decorating and cooking. I better get busy!

Oh yes, we did.

May 8, 2012

Well, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or if you know me in real life, then you know we are addicted to Mexican food. Like really bad. As in we eat it no less than three times a week and pretty much every weekend you’ll find us at either Chuy’s, Uncle Julios, Torchy’s, or Chiloso. And we’ve been known to frequent Chuy’s more than once a week. So, when it comes to Cinco de Mayo, we have to celebrate Tex-Mex style!

So first we dressed up {oh yes we did!}:

Then we got together with friends at Pappasitos!


We ended the celebration at Yumilicious where I enjoyed Avocado yogurt! {No one else I know loves the stuff but it is TO. DIE. FOR. Seriously. And it went along with the Cinco de Mayo theme, too!}

What a fun day with family and friends!

On Sunday we were blessed to be a part of the baptism day at our church. One of the guys in our community group was baptized and watching his little 4-year-old daughter clap for him was one of the sweetest things ever! Richard was also baptized. It was such a special moment! We are so thankful for him in our lives, and we were so happy to be with him on this special day! Jenn wrote a sweet post about him here. We love you guys!